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Phalguna Masam 2019 | Falguna Month dates in Telugu Calendar

Phalguna masam or Falgun month is the 12th or last month as per traditional Telugu calendar. In 2019, Falguna Masam starts on March 7 and ends on April 5 as per Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati and Marathi calendars.

Falguna masam is the period when Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra or Purva Falguni Nakshatram falls during Purnima or Full Moon day.

Shukla Paksham in Falguna Masam begins on March 7 and ends on March 21.

Bahula or Krishna Paksham starts on March 22 and ends on April 5.

The important festivals in Phalgun Month 2019 as per Telugu calendar…

Friday, 15 March 2019 – Meena Sankranti

Sunday, 17 March 2019 – Amalaki Ekadashi

Wednesday, 20 March 2019 – Holi Festival

Wednesday, 20 March 2019 – Holika Dahan

Thursday, 21 March 2019 – Rangwali Holi

Thursday, 28 March 2019 – Basoda Festival

Thursday, 28 March 2019 – Sheetala Ashtami

Sunday, 31 March 2019 – Papmochani Ekadashi

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