Siddhidatri Navdurga Dhyana Mantra & Spiritual importance

Mata Siddhidhatri Ninth Navadurga aspect

Mata Siddhidhatri Ninth Navadurga aspect

Siddhidatri navdurga, ninth and the last aspect of Goddess Durga, is worshipped on the last day or the ninth day or Mahanavami day during Durga Navaratri.

In Chaitra Navratri, Siddhidhatri Puja date is April 10. In 2022, Siddhidhatri Puja date in Durga Navaratra festival is October 4.

Siddhidatri dhyana mantra is the best stotra to recite for attaining all types of Siddhis and Nidhis. This mantra is recited on Mahanavami day during Navratri to get blessings of the Goddess.

Siddhidatri Navadurga devi is worshipped by sadhaks or Siddhas to acquire all chakras and spiritual procedures with their attentive sadhanas. They develop competendy to conquer the whole world by performing Siddhidhatri pooja.

Siddhidatri Puja and Dhyana Mantra:

Siddha gandharva yakshadhyie asuraira marairapi
Sevya maanaa sadaa bhooyaath siddhidaa Siddhidaayini

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  1. RAKESH SHARMA says:

    I want to know siddhidatri mantra or pooja. how can do the siddhidatri pooja .

  2. Saatatya says:

    9th day of chaitra navratri siddhidatri puja mantra

  3. zeid says:

    yakshadyie how the last 3 letters prounouced please