Siddha Yoga, Pathway to inner peace

Man is in eternal quest for perfection and he tries to achieve this in the content of material life, presuming that a good family, a secure job and such other things will provide it.

However, later he feels he has still not obtained what he expected. This is due to lack of awareness that such perfection can be found within oneself. The spiritual energy that creates supreme fulfilment is available within him. To really develop and enjoy one’s gifts and character, one should meditate on the source of all satisfaction – the “Inner Self”.

Even though the place is inside oneself, many do not know how to reach there. But the grace-bestowing power of God is in the Guru who can awaken the dormant power (Shakthi) within. After his initiation, commences the fascinating God-ward journey. There will be a feeling of peace within oneself and of the presence of the Divine.

Siddha Yoga, being propagated by Swami Muktanany aims to kindle the Divine consciousness within the seeks by means of “Shakti path” and help them to turn the mind inwards. “Meditate on your Self. God Dwells within you is the core of the message of the Swami’s mission.

In an introductory lecture to the Siddha Yoga Swami Gopalananda, a black American and former Professor of Educational Psychology, who hasjoined the mission of Swami Mukta nanda said meditation and chanting are the paths to this inner world.

The compassionate power of the Guru’s grace brings everyone in touch with the new level of being. When Siddha Yoga is practised, one becomes capable of experiencing the Self. The Guru teaches us how to turn our mind inwards, through the process of meditation. Yoga provides a practical technique to realise one’s potential in every aspect of life. To find an answer to various problems, one should dive deep with in oneself, which will bring one in contact with the eternal source of bliss. This source is the Self.

The glory of Siddha Yoga lies in its naturalness and spontaneity. The outlook of the seeker, whose inner being through the Guru’s grace is unfolded, will change after the Yoga and he will develop self-control, discipline and broad mindedness.

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