Shukla Paksha & Krishna Paksha in Hindu calendar

Shukla Paksha is a waxing phase of lunar month whereas Krishna Paksha is the waning phase of a lunar month as per Hindu calendar.

According to the Hindu religious and traditional calendar, Shukla paksha largely refers to the bright lunar waxing or fortnight moon. In Sanskrit language the word Shukla means “white”. It is to be noted that Shukla Paksha happens for a period of 15 days. It begins on the day of Shukla Amavasya that is known as New Moon day and ends on the day of Poornima that is full moon day. These days are considered to be very auspicious.

Most of the Hindu festivals happen in this particular period such as Navratri festivals, Chaitra Navratri and Ashvin Navratri. Here are the dates of Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. The day, tithi, festivals and months are given in details.

Shukla Paksha dates




1st Day Pratipada Bali Pratipada, Govardhan Puja Kartik Maas
2nd Day Dvitiya Bhaibeej Kartik Maas
3rd Day Tritiya Teej Bhadrapad Maas
3rd Day Tritiya Akshaya Tritiya Vaishakha Maas
4th Day Chaturthi Ganesh Chaturthi Bhadrapada masam
4th Day Chaturthi Ganesh Jayanti Magha Maas
5th Day Panchami Nuakhai Bhadrapad maas
5th Day Panchami Vivaha Panchami Margashirsha Maas
6th Day Shasthi Sitalsasthi Jyestha Maas
9th Day Navami Rama Navami Chaitra Maas
10th Day Dasami Vijayadashami Ashvin Maas
11th Day Ekadasi Shayani Ekadashi Ashada Maas
11th Day Ekadashi Vaikunta Ekadashi Margashirsha Maas
14th Day Chaturdashi Samvatsari Bhadrapada Maas
15th Day (Full Moon) Poornima Guru Purnima Ashada Maas

Krishna Paksha




4th Day Chaturthi Karva Chauth Kartik Month
8th Day Ashtami Krishna Janmashtami Bhadrapada Month
11th Day Ekadasi Vaikunta Ekadasi Margashirsha Month
13th Day Triodasi Dhanteras Ashvin Month
14th Day Chaturdashi Maha Shivaratri Maagha Month
14th Day Chaturdashi Naraka Chaturdashi (Diwali) Ashvin Month

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