Shubha Lagnams for Annaprasana Muhurats

Here is the list of auspicious Lagnams (Ascendants) for Annaprasana Muhurthams (Feeding first rice to baby).

Annaprashana, Annaprasana Vidhi, Annaprasan, Annaprasanam or Annoprashan are the various names for Feeding first rice for baby. This ritual is celebrated on the occasion of child’s first intake of food other than milk.

The list of Auspicious Lagnams

Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant)

Midhuna Lagna (Gemini Ascendant)

Karkataka Lagna (Cancer Ascendant)

Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant)

Tula Lagna (Libra Ascendant)

Dhanu Lagna (Sagittarius Ascendant)

Meena Lagna (Pisces Ascendant)

During Annaprasana, elders and the parents of the child play a game with the child by giving him a tray containing a number of objects. It is believed that the child’s future prospects are indicated by his selection of choice of the objects.

The objects in the tray represent: a bangle or jewel – wealth; book – learning & wisdom; pen – career & professional growth; earthen pot – property.

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