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The Annual Thithi ceremony performed to our deceased parents is known as Devasam and also called as Sraddha. During this ceremony, food would be prepared for our deceased parents, and it would be offered to them in the form of round rice balls, also known as Pindams, and usually it would be offered to the crows, with the belief that our deceased parents and our forefathers takes the form of crows and willfully eat the food offered by us.

In order to satisfy the deceased souls of our parents, we have to perform annual ceremony for them based on their death day on the particular Thithi, in order to receive their blessings. This Thithi ceremony can be performed either with or without performing the Homam as per the interest of the person who performs it.Performing this ceremony by a person would help him to run his life without any hindrances, and his Pitru Doshams also would be reduced to a certain extent, if he has any.

The importance of performing Sraddha is mentioned in our holy Garuda Purana, and in that, Bhagavan Vishnu tells to his Divine Vehicle Lord Garuda about the significance of performing Sraddha, and the benefits derived from that. As per the divine Purana, each and every person who belongs to Hindu religion must have to compulsorily perform annual Shraddha to their deceased parents on their death day on the particular thithi, since it is their main responsibility, and also by doing that sacred deed they can express their true love and affection on them.

We might have studied in the Puranas, that several kings and even the divine avatars like Lord Rama and Prahalada have performed Sraddha to their deceased parents, in order to send the departed souls peacefully to the heaven or to the Pitru Loka. Those who regularly perform the Annual Thithi Ceremony for their ancestors would lead a happy, wealthy and a healthy life, till their death. We have all been born in this earth only through our parents, and their each and every sweat drops make us into proper persons. If we didn’t honour our parents even after their death, then our life would become terrible, and during the time of our death, we would get a painful and a miserable death.


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  1. Jagatheswaran says:

    My grandmother death on 29/12/2018 (12.05am) …wen her shraddha prayer for tis year?