Shiva Temples in Nellore district (Andhra Pradesh)

Nellore is a coastal district in Andhra Pradesh that is dotted with many ancient medieval and modern Shiva temples scattered around the district for devotees and pilgrims. Among these temples, a few comes under the category of ancient Shiva temples where most of the Vedic practices plus ancient rules and regulations are followed very strictly.

These temples are open for devotees and pilgrims from early morning hours to mid-noon and later in the evening hours to dusk with much devotion and dedication. On the other hand these Shiva temples are kept open for all Hindus for long hours on all auspicious days and religious important days.

They are at

Ananta Sagaram Mandal, Somasila – Sri Someswara Swamy Temple.

Buchireddypalem Mandal, Zonnawada – Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Kamakshi Temple.

Dakkili Mandal, Devuni Vellampalli – Sri Sthambhala Gireeswaraiah Swamy Temple

Indukurpet Mandal, Mudivar thipalem – Sri Kasi Visweswara Swamy Temple.

Kodavalur Mandal, Gandavaram – Sri Udayakaleswaraswamy Temple.

Kota Mandal, Viswanathapura Agraharam – Sri Kala Hastheeswara Swamy Temple.

Kovur Mandal, Kovur – Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple.

Naidupet Mandal, Naidupet – Sri Kasi Visweswara Swamy Temple.

Nellore Mandal, Nellore Town – Sri Moolasthaneswara Swamy Temple.

Sullurpet Mandal, Sullurpet – Sri Nageswara Swamy Temple.

Vidavalur Mandal, Ramatheerdham – Sri Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple.

Vinjamur Mandal, Vinjamur – Sri Kasi Visweswara Swamy Temple.

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  1. Sasidhar says:


    I think, they missed one of the main and oldest and traditional — No 1 the best temple to mention in this list.
    I am not saying blindly no 1. I will explain. First River/Samdra stanam – available at kotiteertham , 2. Deepam — We can keep Deepams at near sivalingams and so many sivalingams invented by parsurama in this temple premises. 3. Mula virat Has 1 crore/ koti sivalingams in main idol it self. 4. Kamakshi temple with srichakram by Jagadguru Audi sankaracharya 5. Shanmukha sri subrahmanya swamy temple 6. 18 steps ayyappa swamy temple day mind relief package… These all features are not available in any of the above temples. So i given Rank 1 to koteswra swamy – kamakshi temple at kotiteertham, Nellore