Shiva Temples in Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad

The town of Sultan bathery is dotted with many ancient, medieval and recent Lord Shiva temples that can be visited by devotees, pilgrims and tourists on the day of Shivarathri and all other auspicious and religious important days associated with Lord Shiva with much dedication and devotion.

In the town of Suthan Bathery are located

Thaathoor Sree Siva (Aaryavilli) Temple in Chethalayam at 6th mile on Batheri – Pulppalli road, Thalacchilwa Sree Siva Temple; at Sulthan Bathery town, Kanthampuli Sree Siva Temple at Pazheri Temple gate on Batheri – Vatakkanaat road, Maathrkuti Sree Siva Temple at Pazheri check post on Vatakkanaat road, Vendoor Sree Siva (Ventaalan) Temple at Pazheri on Batheri – Vetakkanaat road and Thrissilery Mahadevan Temple.

In the main village of Nenmeni are located

Thavani Sree Manmatha Moorthy (Siva) Temple at Koliyaati on Batheri – Koliyaati road, Kallinkara Sree Maha Siva Temple at Pulinchaal on Batheri – Pulinchaal road,     Ponmutikkotta Sree Siva Temple, Ambalavayal at Aayiramkolli on Batheri – Ambalavayal road, Ambalavayal Sree Maha Siva Temple on Batheri – Ambalavayal road,  Ambalakkunnu Sree Siva Temple towards Kurukkaamkunnu road, Thalacchillan Sree Siva Temple at Pattarakkoti on Batheri – Chulliyote road, Koliyaati Sree Siva Temple at Koliyaati on Batheri – Koliyaati road and Malavayal Sree Siva Temple at Thovarimala; on Ambukuththi road.

In the main village of Meenangaati are located

Poomaana Sree Paradevatha (Kiraathamoorthy) Temple, Thinavarambath Sree Siva Temple on Maananthavaati road (near Polytechnic school), Kolambatta Sree Siva (Kaaryaththar)-Parvathi (Poomaala Devi) Temple at Meenangaati (via) Paalakkamoola – Kaarakkuni road, Maanikaav Sree Siva Temple at Choothupaara on Paalakkumoola – Moonanikkuzhi road.

Other temples within Sultan Bathery town limit are Naathukazhakom Sree Siva Temple, Vatuvachaal at Meppaati on Vatuvachaal – Meppaati road, Patippura Sree Siva (Kaalimala Thampuran) Temple at 6th mile jn on Pulpalli road and Maha Siva Temple at Kalluvetty.

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