Shiva Temples in Mukundapuram Taluk, Thrissur

Mukundapuram Taluk of Thissur district in the state of Kerala is dotted with several Lord Shiva temples. Grand festivity is marked on the day of Shivarathri in these temples. All the auspicious days and religious important days related to Lord Shiva is commemorated with special pujas and rituals for the devotees and pilgrims.

In the village of Kattor are located  Telakkaat Sree Siva Temple at Netumpura and Vaddhyakootam Sree Mahadeva Temple at Ponnanam.

In the locally of Karalam are situated Taanisseri Sree Siva Temple at Manavaalasseri Village, Trittaani Sree Siva Temple, Njalikkulam Sree Siva Temple,  Madhattil Sree Tevaru (Siva) Temple and Kainila Sree Siva Temple.

In the settlement area of Porattisseri are located Vatakkekkaat Sree Siva Temple at  Karuvannoor on the banks of Karuvannur river in the southern border of Moorkanad village and people can witness 1500 years antiquity, Moorkkanaat Sree Siva Temple at Moorkkanaat, Kakkat Sree Siva Temple, Sankaramangalam Sree Siva Temple on the side of Mapranam – Nantikkara road, Nambiakkav Sree Siva Temple on Mambranam road and Sankaramangalam Sree Siva Temple near Maataayikkonam Centre.

In the village of Parappookkara are located Mutrattikkara Sree Maha Siva Temple near Kaalamuri Jn, Keezhetatt Sree Siva Temple near Nantikkara School Jn, Vayaloor Sree Siva Temple near Nellayi Jn and Sarveswaramangalam Sree Siva Temple at Pantalloor on Kuntukat road.

In the village of Muriyat are located Etayaatt (Edayatumuri) Sree Siva Temple on Anandapuram – Chattan Master road, Kunnatrikkov Sree Mahadeva Temple on Manapati road,  Anaruli Sree Siva Temple on Pulloor School road, Etakkat Sree Siva Temple near Pulloor Centre, Sree Siva Temple near Iringalakkuta Railway Station, Sree Maha Siva Temple near Pulloor Mission Hospital and Vattaparamb Sree Siva Temple on  Nellayi – Anandapuram road.

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