Shiva Temples in Iringalakkuta Taluk, Thrissur

Iringalakkuta Taluk of Thissur district in the state of Kerala is scattered with many Lord Shiva temples. On the day of Shivarathri in these temples are marked with grand festivity. All the religious important days and auspicious days related to Lord Shiva are noted with special pujas and rituals for the devotees and pilgrims.

In the town of Iringalakutta are located Sree Sreekanteswaram Siva Temple on Sreekanteswaram road, Sangameshwarar temple, Thammanikal Siva Temple at Thumboor, Ambalanada Siva Temple, Vellani temple, Meltrikovil Shiva Temple at Mapranam, Siva temple at Avittaththur, Pottaani Sree Siva Temple at Etattirinhi.

In the village of Poomangalam are located Vengattumpilli Sree Mahadeva Temple near Vellangalloor Jn and Vengattumpilli Sree Siva Temple at Arippalam.

In the settlement area of Velookkara are located Trippayya Sree Trimoorthy Temple at Natavaramb, Taamanakkal Sree Siva Temple at Kottanelloor, Cheraman perumakkothaiyar nayanar temple, Trippekkulam Sree Siva Temple near Ashtamichira Jn, Perumpillikkat Sree Mahadeva Temple near Vellangalloor Jn, Sree Siva Temple at Parakkaat and Kotaykaparamb Sree Siva Temple at Vatakkumkara plus Sree Maha Siva Temple and Kallisseri Sree Siva Temple on Aaloor – Tazhekkat road.

In the town of Mala are located Spatikam Sree Siva Temple near Ashtamichira, Vatakkebhagam Sree Siva Temple on Ashtamichira road, Kunnattukaat Sree Siva Temple near to Pampumeykkat. Ashtamichira Siva temple on Mala – Chalakudi route at Mala Panchayat.

In the village of Kuzhoor are located Sree Ponnangeswaram Siva Temple near Valiyaparamb, Airanikkulam Sree Siva Temple near Kuzhoor Jn, Kundoor Sree Mahadeva Temple near Kundoor Bus stop.

In the sub-town of Annamanata are located Sree Mahadeva Temple at Annamanata Jn,  Sitikantapuram Sree Mahadeva Temple near Koratti,  Sree Mahadeva Temple at Mampra,  Katungapuzha Sree Siva Temple near Annanaat Jn and Vaaloor Chilleli Sree Mahadeva Temple.

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