Shiva Loka | Abode of Lord Shiva

Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash

The abode of Lord Shiva is known as Shiva Loka or Mount Kailash. He is considered to be one of the main deities of Hinduism. The Holy Shiva Purana tells us about his significance and about the Shiva bhakti of his devotees. He is the father of Bharatanatyam Dance, and he is worshipped as Lord Nataraja. Lot of wonderful devotional stories are associated with him.

Mount Kailash contains a pleasant atmosphere, and only his true devotees and the great sages like Narada and Rishi Durvasa can enter into this holy place. Mount Kailash is guarded by Lord Nandikeswarar, and he is also the divine vehicle of Lord Shiva. This holy mountain is believed to have been existing for several millions of years, and in this divine place, Lord Shiva is residing along with his consort Ma Parvati, his sons, Ganesa and Muruga, and also his divine attendants like Bringi and Gundodaran are serving him in a pleasing manner. The 63 Nayanmar saints are also residing in the Kailasa, and they are permanently chanting the Shiva Mantra, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”.

Whenever any holy people want to enter the Shiva Loka, they must have to obtain permission from Nandi Bhagavan, and then only they would be allowed to visit the great Shiva. Shiva Loka is situated amidst mountains, and it is considered as a very sacred place. It is believed that during the time of Pradosham, which would occur twice in a month, Lord Shiva would dance between the space in the two horns of Lord Nandi, and at that time, Lord Nandi would eagerly play the divine musical instruments.

Similar to Brahma Loka and Vaikunta, living in Shiva Loka is also very difficult for ordinary people like us, since Shiva devotees residing in the Shiva Loka must think only on him, and even if they gets diverted for a second, then they might have been cursed by Lord Shiva, and as a result we have to again born in this earth as mortals, and would have to suffer a lot.

Hence let us keep bhakti on Lord Shiva at this moment itself, and let us chant his mantras, in order to live permanently in the Shiva Loka after our death.


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