Shatamanam Bhavathi Program in TTD SVBC Channel

Shatamanam Bhavathi is a program telecasted in TTD’s SVBC Channel (Sri Venkateshwara Bhakti Channel) dedicated to provide the divine blessings of Lord Venakteswara swamy to the devotees who celebrate their birthdays, marriage anniversary, sashtipurthi, and gruhpravesham. Here are the full details like how to SMS the details, Mobile number, and SVBC Channel address in Tirupati are given.

TTD’s SVBC channel telecasts “Sathamanam Bhavathi” program between 8.30 AM to 9.30 AM.

To get SMS wishes on SVBC Channel

Type SB give space, then type the details of the celebration like birthday / marriage anniversary / sashtipoorthi / gruhapravesham and send it to 5499979 from your mobile number. You need to type all the details of the celebration – whom you are wishing, your name, and your place. The SMS should reach them a couple of days prior to the celebration.

To get your photos and details on Shatamanam Bhavathi program in SVBC Channel

To get photo and other details in Shatamanam Bhavathi program, you need to send the photo and the details to the postal address of SVBC Channel in Tirumala. You need send the post 3 weeks prior to the date of celebration. Here is the address of SVBC Channel.

Sri Venkateshwara Bhakti Channel,

Alipiri Guest House, Alipiri,

Tirupati, Chittoor – 517507,

Andhra Pradesh.

The benefit of sending photos and details to the postal address is in return you will also get the divine blessings of Lord of Tirumala in post.

To know more details on Shatamaanam Bhavathi program contact: 91-9000222603.

You can watch SVBC TTD Channel live online here..

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  1. M. Muniyasamy & M. Muthulakshmi says:

    Happy married life

  2. M. Muniyasamy & M. Muthulakshmi says:

    6.12.2019 wedding day to M. Muniyasamy & M. Muthulakshmi

  3. roshini says:

    what is the benefit of sending wishes by post to postal address?
    how to send photo if we send wishes by sms

  4. Jaya says:

    I had sent my sister’s photo (Geeta) to receive Lord venkateshwara blessing. Her birthday was on 28/02/2020. But it is not broadcast. I had sent the details 10 days in advance .

  5. Arumugasamy says:

    Lord Venkateshwara come to my house & wish my family through svbc-2 chanel

  6. Priyankasuresh says:

    Please give me mail address so that I can send my data to take the blessings of god

  7. Ramesh says:

    Hallo svbc channel 1st birthday date:17-07-2019 NAme:Thanvi Sri
    Dad:Srinivas mom:latha
    brother: Thanush mamaya:Ramesh
    From best wishes

  8. P Vijaya Sankararao says:

    Sir kindly arrange 30-06-20 satamanambhavati programme to see
    Upload the same


    Sir my son birthday this month 23rd.but I will not send in photos because of to you send details sir

  10. Lavanya says:

    Before how many days we can send mail to convey wishes..pls tell me

  11. Lalitha says:

    Om Namo Venkatesaya! Devotees can share wishes through email to Sathamanam bhavathi
    email id:

  12. Parameswari says:

    Wish me on this july 12th its completed my birthday parameswari wish me my daughter 1st month birthday goldy baby

  13. Pradheeksha Jasti says:

    Madam my doughter birthday July 31 subhakankshalu telupagalaru amma jasti suneetha,nanna Vamsi Srikanth, nayanamma, peddamma chepagalaru

  14. Lakshmi prasad says:

    Surya Gowtham birthday on31 07 2020 PL wish him wishes by v Lakshmi Prasad (uncle) v Lakshmi Supriya ( maynatha)

  15. V KAAVYA says:

    I have posted my photo & details through mail on 15 th July 2020 for my birthday on 18th July 2020 but it was not telecasted In SATAMANAMBAVATHI program & I called the number which was given by ttd helpline number but that number was not responding & no one is replying. Pls do solve our query asap & intimate us about it.

  16. Bhanu & Karthika says:

    Happy Birthday to Vadranam Nageswara Rao


    It would be convenient if photos are also accepted on line during these carona 19 days. Postal and courior services are getting delayed abnormally.

  18. Anitha Sakinala says:

    18 th September is the birthday of my brother sakinala Lalith Bhargav .so ,I request you to bless him in u r programme.

    Father name : venkateshwarlu
    Mother name: Anitha
    Sister name: Jyotsna

  19. Likith Aditya Rapeti says:

    Likith Aditya 2nd birthday on 25 October

  20. Vinay Rajanna says:

    Happy Birthday Kushwantha Khanna

  21. Pusa nanditha says:

    Hello good morning when submit our details for wishes

  22. Sai ram Kiran dakoju says:

    My mother and father marriage day 29/12/2020 sir photo ads vastara sir

  23. A. Rajeshwar Rao says:


    Can we send before 8 days pls., because we had forgotten, our anniversary date is on 24/02/21.

  24. venkatachalapathi n says:

    good svbc channel very very happy

  25. Raghavendra says:

    1 st year birthday
    ujjwal Nadiu
    in karapanahalli v.p .
    Bangarpet. T
    kolar. D
    karanataka 563162
    Con no 9008729876
    My son


    15/05/21. సాతమంబవంతి వీడియో పంప్పండి నా మెయిల్ కు

  27. Thara says:

    Please inform whether the information required can be uploaded today for 20/08/2021 birthday .

  28. Vasavi Rama Devi says:

    My father 82 birthday is on 11th August. Is there any possibility of showing his photo and showering the blessings of lord Venkateswara. Please help me.

  29. Divya says:

    What’s app number and any mail id

  30. lakshmidurga says:

    23/10/2022 Marriage Anniversary to AswiniRajesh & Yamini

  31. Manasa, Uday Kumar Reddy says:

    Please upload today shatamanam bhavati program