Shatamanam Bhavathi Program in TTD SVBC Channel

Shatamanam Bhavathi is a program telecasted in TTD’s SVBC Channel (Sri Venkateshwara Bhakti Channel) dedicated to provide the divine blessings of Lord Venakteswara swamy to the devotees who celebrate their birthdays, marriage anniversary, sashtipurthi, and gruhpravesham. Here are the full details like how to SMS the details, Mobile number, and SVBC Channel address in Tirupati are given.

TTD’s SVBC channel telecasts “Sathamanam Bhavathi” program between 8.30 AM to 9.30 AM.

To get SMS wishes on SVBC Channel

Type SB give space, then type the details of the celebration like birthday / marriage anniversary / sashtipoorthi / gruhapravesham and send it to 5499979 from your mobile number. You need to type all the details of the celebration – whom you are wishing, your name, and your place. The SMS should reach them a couple of days prior to the celebration.

To get your photos and details on Shatamanam Bhavathi program in SVBC Channel

To get photo and other details in Shatamanam Bhavathi program, you need to send the photo and the details to the postal address of SVBC Channel in Tirumala. You need send the post 3 weeks prior to the date of celebration. Here is the address of SVBC Channel.

Sri Venkateshwara Bhakti Channel,

Alipiri Guest House, Alipiri,

Tirupati, Chittoor – 517507,

Andhra Pradesh.

The benefit of sending photos and details to the postal address is in return you will also get the divine blessings of Lord of Tirumala in post.

To know more details on Shatamaanam Bhavathi program contact: 91-9000222603.

You can watch SVBC TTD Channel live online here..

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  1. Pinga says:

    sathamanam bhavathi when to submit photo for birth anniversary

  2. Gunaratna says:

    address to send birthday photo in TTD channel

    • K. Vasavi Rama Devi says:

      Hi sir!
      My parents 60 th wedding anniversary is on Sunday ie 19/04/2020. Is there any possibility of showing their photos and giving the blessings of the lord.

  3. kotireddy says:

    hi sir…i am son birthday date is 30th sep’12 .how to send photos tru courier .can u please mention how to write a full detail.and is there any way to send tru mail…..pls give me reply

    thank you

  4. Stavya says:

    12th sept 2013 satamanambhavathi in T T D Chanal

  5. Tejal says:

    sri venkata bhakthi channel shataman bavathi episode on april 18 2013

  6. t.v.dinesh teja says:

    sir plz send 8/10/2013 program to mail… family member didn’t see for reason it has no current due to samiakanra issuse plss send its my request

  7. t says:

    if anybody is having the video of satamanam bhavati dated
    SEPTEMBER,11, 2013 .pls upload &(or) send to my mail please notify me sir. I my req sir. I urgently require it.

  8. B.PRAKASH RAO says:

    I am thankful to Lord Venkateshwara for showering his blessing on the occasion of my wife’s birth day held on 09-06-2013. But I am so unfortunate that my wife has not recieved the blessing of my beloved in the shape of prasad as per the existing provosion. If possible my entire family will be thankful

  9. balakrishna says:

    we have missed our grandson birthday wishes on 12.10.2013 as power failure. hence,pl e mail the record of lord sri venkateswara wishes. we will be greatful to you . master arjun devulapalli. dob 12.10.2013

  10. priya says:

    sir we thought to send the photo to svbc channel sathamanam bhavathi program but we came to know that we should send it 3weeks before..but we are left with only 10 from the occation..pls give us information whether the channel auothorities is going to wish or not?please wish our father on account of his birthday on nov28 even we are bit late to send the photo..wishing u people will give us a chance for this time….please…..sir…

  11. priya says:

    please give us a chance to blessed by lord venkateswara even we were late to send my father photo to svbc address only 10 days before we were sending..and birthday is on nov 28..but it should send 3 weeks in we dont know that condition please excuse and give us a chance for this time…

  12. Lakshmi Ganesh says:

    Hi All,
    If anybody is having the Sathamanam Bavathi video on 8th Nov, 2013. Please upload in youtube or send to this mail id.


  13. PRATHIBHA says:


  14. PRATHIBHA says:

    Hello sir
    if anybody downloaded 1st jan 2014 shatamanam bhavathi program please send to my email address…

  15. v g raju says:

    my grand daugter’s first birth day on 26 jan 2014 . She borned on 26 th Jan 2013 at Sydney Austrilia . Coming to India to celebrate first birthday What size of the photo to be sent .
    Name : Baby Veeramallu HARSHITHA
    Father : V Anand Ravi kiran
    Mother Name V Saraswathi anusha
    Grand father : V G Raju
    Grand mother : V Janakidevi and other relatives requests lord venkateswara’s blessings for her on 26 Jan 2014

  16. ramabrahmam says:

    Hi Friends, if any one downloaded today’s (21 feb 2014) Satamanambhavati program please send it to me.

  17. ramabrahmam says:

    Hi Friends, if any one downloaded today’s (21 feb 14) Satamanambhavati program please send it to me.

  18. Siva says:

    Dear Friends,If any one downloaded 21st Feb 2014 Shatamanam Bhavathi programme please send to…..Thanks in advance

  19. Ramabrahmam Chowdavarapu says:

    Hi Friends, If any one downloaded 21st Feb 2014 Shatamanam Bhavathi Programme please send to

  20. Indu says:

    Hi friends if anybody downloaded 27th Feb 2014, shatamanam Bhavathi program pls upload it in youtube, due to current off we was not able to watch the program.

    Thank U


    Hi Frnz, if any one downloaded feb 21st shatamanm bhavathi program please could you send it to

  22. anusha.p.r says:

    hi,my grannie wants to see svbc program telecasted on 21/2/14.Thus pls upload the video as soon as possible.Its my humble request.


  23. sasi says:

    hi friends if any one download feb 26 2014 sathamanam bhavathi. please send to

  24. Ajay Kumar says:

    hai friends if any one download march 3rd 2014 satamanam bhavathi …please send to

  25. Srinivas Buyyankar says:

    hai friends if any one download march 5th 2014 satamanam bhavathi …please send to

  26. Sumeet says:

    Please send satamanam bhavati svbc program of 21 Mar 2014 to this mail id

  27. gayatri says:

    Hi frnds
    If anyone download march 22nd 2014 video plz mail that video to this email:
    Thank you.

  28. Ramajoga Rao Emani says:

    hi friends if anyone DOWNLOAD Sathamanam Bhavathi of 27th march 2014 prog pl send it to my email

  29. Shravya Sharma says:

    Hi friends if anyone has downloaded sathamanambhavathi programme on 29th mar 2014 please forward to my mail id cuz its my son 1st bday …I missed it cuz im nt in india ..pleae its my humble request

  30. Vijayalakshmi Yeluri says:

    Hi, if anyone dowloaded the sathamanambhavati programme on 25th Feb 2014, please send to my mail thanks

  31. Sunilkankanala Sunil says:

    plz upload april 25 & 26 video on ur page plz……… we has missed the show

  32. Kalyan Chakravarthy says:

    Hi … Please upload April 28 2014 episode of shathamanam bhavathi
    Please we missed the program.. sowjanya

  33. Kalyan Chakravarthy says:

    Hi friends if any have the program on 28 th April 2014 of shatamanam bhavathi please send to me…

  34. Prasad Babu says:

    Hi … Please upload MAY 1 episode of shathamanam bhavathi
    Please we missed the program.. pls send the mail id please sir prasad

  35. Radhika Pandurangam says:

    I want to wish my uncle and aunt on their 50th Anniversary. Is there a way i can upload their pic online and wish them ? Please help

  36. Lakshmi Cheruku says:

    Hi Sir, I request you to please upload 13th May 2014 of satamanam bhavathi.. . We missed the live program as we have no power on that day. Kindly upload.

  37. Chebolu Padma says:

    Hi sir I request u to upload 24 may 2014 of satamanam bhavathi.missed the live program as we have no power on that day. Kindly upload.

  38. Vinod Kumar says:

    Hi Sir please upload the June 1st 2014 of Satamanam Bhavathi .missed the live program.please send the mail id: please sir….

  39. Nuthalapati Sekhar says:

    hi sir pls upload novembar 26th 2013 of sathamanam bhavathi.missed the live programme.pls send the mail id; pls sir

  40. Nandu says:

    Hello Sir,
    Can you please upload the video of Sathamanam Bhavathi Program of 1st July 2014, its very precious to me as it was my baby’s FIRST BIRTH DAY. We missed the show so can you please please upload the video sir…

    Thanks in advance!!

  41. Prasanna Lakshmi says:

    How to send my daughter photo to get satamanam bavathi wishes from there any mail id to send the photo and details.

  42. sridhar says:

    pls send u r mail id. how to send my nephew photos on satamanam bavathi program

  43. Ramakrishna Devatha says:

    Please let me know is there any way to upload or send mail to send photograph and birthday details to show it on Shatamanam Bhavathi Program.

  44. sowmya says:

    Hi Sir, I request you to please upload 24th july 2014(yesterday) of satamanam bhavathi.. . We missed the live program as we have no power on that day. Kindly upload.

  45. Nagula AnushaSrikanth says:

    It is Nice program
    Marriage wishes &
    Devuni divine blessings of Lord of Tirumala

    Than Q

  46. Mahesh Krishna says:

    Please upload 28th July 2014 Shatamanam bhavathi episod.

  47. suneetha says:

    pl upload shathamanam bhavathi JULY 1st prg … we missed our sons first b`day wishes ….

  48. Sai Prasad says:

    Can anyone upload Shatamanam Bhavati, August 7th 2014 program. We missed seeing my daughter’s birday wishes

  49. syamala says:

    Hai friends, we have missed satamanam bhavathi pgm.on 12th AUGUST, 2014. if anyone download it, please send to please

  50. syamala says:

    please…. we have missed satamanam bhavathi episode on 12th August,2014. please send it to or upload. pls…..

  51. AMAR RAO J says:

    sir how we can get details that our photo has been reached to u before telecast . Any procedure please inform

  52. Rangababu Yalla says:

    Greetings & Best wishes to all! Please! We missed Satamanam bhavathi episode on 25th July 2014. If anyone download it, Please send to Pleasessssssssssssssss!

  53. sai says:

    Please kindly upload today’s(12-9-14) satamanambavati program video. Please

  54. sai says:

    Please kindly upload today’s (12-9-14) satamanambavati video please

  55. SRi Ni Vass says:

    There no mail id to send ur photoz……u hve 2 post it to dis address
    ……Alipiri guest house,alipiri,tirupati,chitoot,517507……….U can also kno more about dis program by calling dis number 9000222603

  56. Thanusha says:

    Please do upload sathamaanam bhavathi program video telecasted on 12th september 2014.I missed the program .If anyone has the video,please do send to my Mail:

  57. sekhar says:

    Hi friends if anyone has downloaded sathamanambhavathi programme on 16th sept 2014 please forward to my mail id bcuz its my son2nd bday …I missed it .pleae can u fwd me.

  58. Anonymous says:

    I had sent a letter on 6.10.2014 requesting for extending the blessings of the Divine Lord on the occasion of the 5th birthday of my grandson Chy Dhruvsai. The request was not taken into consideration as the blessings were not covered on the 3.11.2014 Satamanambhavathi programme, as pleaded by us. The letter was sent by DTDC courier on 6.10.2014 and was delivered on 7.10.2014 itself at Tirupathi. We are unlucky. Raviprasad 9849909880

  59. g . nagasowjanya says:

    Hiii sir/ madam. I m writing from hyderabad, this sunday nov. 16 my husband birthday. Pls telecast his photo. I had send you details by post which reached you 4 days late for 21 days but pls telecast his photo




  61. advik says:

    Hi,pls i request everyone who has watched satamanambhavathi on 26th november 2014 pls upload as we were not able to record or download as we wish to preserve as a memory

  62. manjulatha says:

    hai syamla,
    this is manju , u remember me yar, think forgot,. previousely we done job together ….I called to ur prgm satamanam bhavati,. mam told me that u r there at evening waiting for return call ,.if any free to mail me ..

  63. A lavanya says:

    please upload 5th december 2014 satamanam bhavati program

  64. srinivas says:

    2nd januvary my son mahesh birthday please give blessings from lard venkateswara

  65. srinivas says:

    Thank you for providing details about shatamanam bhavathi program.

  66. Lavanya Aitha says:

    please upload december 5th 2014 shatamanm bhavathi program

  67. Babji Yerra says:

    Could you please upload January 10th shatamanm bhavathi program video

  68. Ashok kumar says:

    hello sir
    please sent svbc office no sir? iam sent the wishes at the Sun in law
    my email id :

  69. M Prashant Kumar says:

    Hi Sir, I request you to please upload 7th December 2014 of satamanam bhavathi.. . We missed the live program as we have no power on that day. Kindly upload.

  70. Bhanu says:

    sir pls upload the adhyidimika vishashalu telecased on 19thjan2015

  71. preethi says:

    hi sir ,
    is there any option or chance to send photos through online.if it possible send mail id to me is my mail id.

  72. Guduru nanda says:

    Om namo venkatasa .sir i want satananan bavathi program on 27-1-2015 please send to my mail thanking u

  73. v.shirishkumar says:

    sir on 15-1-2015, my son birth celebrate. on that day we never seen our family photo on channel. kindly send it to my mail. my son name is sri ansh, shirish,shavani,nithya sri,

  74. AKHIL says:

    dear sir,

  75. tiruveedhula ramakrishna says:

    is there any site can upload my celebrating photo for taking blessings by satamanambhavathi program.piease give details

  76. N.Prasannasrinivasan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Could you please upload February 06th 2015 shatamanm bhavathi program video.

  77. N.SHYAMPRAKASH says:


  78. revathi says:

    hi sir plz upload 6th january 2015 sathamanam bhavathi programme ,that day we missed to watch my children b’day is 1st b’day to him.kindly requesting u to upload for us.

  79. venkatesh says:

    sir please upload tha 27/02/2015 shathamanambhavathi program at that day we are bussy in birthday selebrations that also 1st birth day plz upload sir.

  80. k sai srikar says:

    sir please up load sathamanam bavathi program on 5th march 2015

  81. Dhruva says:

    Hi Sir,

    I request you to please upload 21st March 2015 of satamanam we missed the programme for some reason. My mail I’d is

  82. Murari Ramana says:

    Hi Sir, I request you to please upload 18TH MARCH 2015 of satamanam bhavathi.. . We missed the live program as we have no power on that day. Kindly upload SPACEGROUPS99@GAIL.COM

  83. Satish Satish says:

    Sir pls upload 19th march 2015 of sathamanam bhavathi

  84. v.gopala krishna murthy says:

    Sir, Kindly upload 21st march 2015 Satamanam Bhavathi programme. I have missed to view this programme. my mail ID is

  85. S G SREENIVASA says:

    Respected sir/madam 29/4/2015 my daughters birth day celebration for blessings from sri venkateshwara swamy can i send photo and details by mail

  86. sabitha says:

    Greetings & Best wishes to all! Please! We missed Satamanam bhavathi episode on 22nd January 2015. If anyone download it, Please send to

  87. Nagulavancha Sambasivarao says:






  90. Roopasree says:

    Dear SVBC it would be benifitted to the devotees if the photos to be sent for wishes are made online i.e., to any particular website or mails apart from sending through postal service. By the time we send and reach you it’s getting delayed and are missing the lords blessings…so please consider our request and if possible make it online…by this the time reduces and we the devotees will be much happier….

  91. Divya says:

    Kindly upload May 19th 2015 Shathamanam Bhavathi Episode

  92. Mohan Pitamber Hajjel says:

    I Want to Know about Shatamanam Bhavathi Programme I M from Mumbai .

  93. Mohan Pitamber Hajjel says:

    I Want to Know about Shatamanam Bhavathi Programme I M from Mumbai . Mom N Dad Anniversary on20.6.2015Please Wish Them In Shatamanam Bhavathi Programme

  94. Mohan Pitamber Hajjel says:

    I want video of 20.6.2015 programme plz upload on my email id

  95. Swathi says:

    Want to send photo for my husbands birthday.. please guide us

  96. sravani says:

    i want to wish my son birthday greetings through shatamanam bhavathi program wich in on 19th july 2015

  97. s murali mohan goud says:

    I want to wish my son birthday greetings through shatamanam bhavathi programe 05.7.2015. Murali mohan goud hydersbad

  98. Mounica Rekapalli says:

    sir please upload 30 may 2015 episode on youtube satamanam bhavathi

  99. V.srinivasan says:

    Sir,kindly upload the Satamanam BHAVATHI episode of 29 June 2015 which we missed.please do the needful…thank you sir….

  100. V.srinivasan says:

    Kindly upload Satamanam BHAVATHI programme of 29-06-2015 and also to my email I’d. Thanking you sir…

  101. sudarshan says:

    Kindly upload Satamanam BHAVATHI programme of 14-07-2015 and also to my email I’d. Thanking you sir…

  102. Mahaveer says:

    Sir,I think you should provide the facility of sending photos through e-mail.

  103. Manikanta says:

    Sir Plz upload the 15 July 2015 episode please sir


    Our marriage anniverasary blessings announces n SVBC…but we are not sure the dates when this was telecated , kindly send by mail
    Metta Rameshchandra Hemalathe Saisamarth – 10t May 2014 was Marriage day…

  105. Vijayalaxmi says:

    Om Namo Venkateshaya!
    Sir, We missed 08th July 2015 Sathamanam Bhavathi program, kindly upload to

  106. Sushma says:

    Please upload August 15 2014 shatamanam bhavathi program.we missed the live program of my son first birthday please upload sir.

  107. rama subramayam says:

    Sir,kindly send me the video of sathamanbhavathi Nov 26th 2014 as it was my anniversar,my video was telecast but forgot to record

  108. Pasuparthi Subhashini says:

    Sir I like this program. We miss the episode of 6 th Aug 2015.kindly tell us where we can one more time.thank you

  109. g.kishore says:

    Please upload to day August 8 2015
    shatamanam bhavathi program.we
    missed the live program of my baby
    first birthday please
    upload sir.

  110. Lucky Stars says:

    plse send the video 30 july 2015 sathamanambavathi programme

  111. Lucky Stars says:

    ilike ttd all programmes must we like of kalyanothsavam i request sathamanambavathi 30 july 2015 episode in youtube

  112. Karaka Bhagavanthareddy says:

    I wanted to do sevakaryakram at Sree Venkteswara swamy sannidhi.

  113. T Radhika says:


    I missed my son birthday wishes in this program last year september2015.
    Can you please upload the program and send me the link.

  114. i am postal employee so i want seva to srivari parakamani seva

  115. Venkata kutumbaraoGandikota says:

    The sathamaanam bhavati programme of pl send sathamaanam bhavati programmable of 15th August 2015′ as I missed my sons wedding anniversary blessings of yedukondala swamy.

  116. veeranjaneyulu kakumanu says:

    sir, please upload the sathamanam bhavathi program of Aug 9th 2015.
    please sir

  117. Sahithiram says:

    om namo venkatesaya.
    i want to wish my husband on his birthday through shatamanam bhavathi program on 28-10-2015.
    guide me how to approach through mail or waatsapp

  118. sirisha says:

    on namo venkatesaya
    i want to wish my son birthday wishes
    in sathamanam bhavathi program.
    i want to send his photo and details through email.
    pls give email id or online guidence.birthday on 14th october

  119. k.manojkumar says:

    my bro birthday on 09/10/1996

  120. Jayasree says:

    I missed to see my daughter’s first birthday wishes on svbc.

    Kindly tell us how to see once again..

  121. Ramankumar says:

    I want to wish my daughter on her birthday through shatamanam bhavathi program on
    9-10-2015.How to approach through mail or there is any option.
    Please help us.

  122. harinath says:

    send shethamanam bhavathi address

  123. c.sreeram says:

    I have sent my photo for shashtipoorthi on3.10.15 to be telecast.unfotunately i could no view.kindly let me know how i cn view .Regards

  124. Lavanya says:

    How to send photo through email. Is there any option for sending photo through email

  125. Hi my son birthday on September 20th we missed to see program. Please send me the video of my son,in YouTube.

  126. Kishore Babu says:

    Please upload the video on october 27 2015.

  127. baskarrao says:

    Namaskaram sir,
    My sister’s son birthday on nov 30 .so i want to wish him birthday through tyd channel so i want send him photo .how i send his photo through mail
    Can u send ur mail id and i send the photo pls sir……

  128. please upload shatamanam bhavati today episode november 12 2015

  129. please upload the video on october 17 2015.

  130. manojkumargoud says:

    dear sir , please send the video name dhaarni birth day video to day program 14th november 2015

  131. NagaSowmya w/o Kottapalli Phaninder says:

    Sir I have missed watching the program on 15.11.2015 please send me the vedio of the day as it was my wedding day

  132. Sony Svns says:

    Please upload video on 15.11.2015

  133. mythili says:

    please upload video on november 8th episode

  134. please upload shatamanam bhavati today episode november 18 2015

  135. vijayendra says:

    please upload sathamanambhavathi video november14 2015

  136. please upload sathamanam bhavathi episoad video november 14 2015

  137. Suhasini says:

    Please upload the shatamanam bhavati video on 25 november 2015.

  138. D.R.Srikanth says:

    Namaskaram Sir

    I want to know when the Bhagavatham is telecasted in svbc channel. Could you please inform me?

    Thank you

  139. umamaheswari r says:

    Please upload the shatamanam bhavathi video on 14-11-2015

  140. suhasini says:

    Ple upload sathamanam bhavathi episoad video November 25 2015

  141. Please upload novembar18-2015

  142. Please up load video on november18-2015 please

  143. Please upload video on novembar18-2015 on you tub please

  144. Ram Vennala says:

    please re upload sathamanam bhavathi vide Date of 08-11-2015. old posted vide is not play

  145. Munirathnam pothuraju says:

    Pl up load sathamanambavathi on 14/12/15

  146. Srinivas says:

    How to send my son photos to satamanambhavati programme through online.(birthday wishes)

  147. Nellutla Goda Srinivas - 9177506976 says:

    My grant daughter Kum.Mahalakshmi Manomayee’s birth day 18.12.2012 (Shatabhisham 4 pad. Subrhmanya Shashti 17.12.15-Tuesday) this year 18.12.2015 Friday. kindly give Mangalaasaasanallu ( birth day greeatings). I posted (speed) card size and details sent. kindly consider. thanking you.

  148. vempati saigopi says:

    How to send my son photo in sathamanam bavathi program in Venkateswara bakthi channel…please give me reply there have no time

  149. Sir, please up load 18.12.15 sathamanam bhavathi programme.we missed it. Friends plz send the programme if any one down load it send to my mail

  150. plz upload 2 jan 2016 sathamanam bavathi videos

  151. chinna MADDILETI T says:

    Dear TTD channel,

    We are requesting you to wish my child Mokshagna Teja Birthday on 10th Jan. Please wish and provide Lord venkateswara wishes. Thank you in advance.

    Chinna Maddileti

  152. venkat says:

    please wishes to 24 th janury 2016 Mr Kumar karthikeya from father mother ,grand father grand mother.
    thank you,

  153. Raviteja says:

    frnds ..where we will find the episodes of sathamanam bhavathi..?

  154. Please my son birthday 30/01/2013 each shathamanam bavathi

  155. Shathamanam bavathi me alha post cheyala please explain me friend s

  156. plz upload 13 th jan 2016 vedio shathamanam bhavathi on ur page plz……… we has missed the show

  157. hai friends if any one downloaded january 21st 2016 satamanam bhavathi …please send to

  158. Durga says:

    PlZ up load vedio of gnanadeep birthday 5 Jan 2016

  159. Uma Sankar Vadrevu says:

    Pl. check on the following link to get videos.

  160. saicharan says:

    can we send photos by gmail

  161. Hi Friend if any one download
    Feb19th 2016satamanam bhavathi….please send to

  162. Is not our pics through online

  163. Is there a facility to send our pics through online. ..plz send d details

  164. Chandu Balu says:

    friends any one please upload 27 February 2016 video ple

  165. V G Raju says:

    I would like to submit in person tomorrow the details of first birth day of our grand son
    Tomorrow e will be arriving from Bengalore to triupathi for Kird Venkateswara swmay darsananm at tirumala

    Details of our grand son

    Name : Veeramallu Krishna Vedhamsh ( 11 months 10 days as on date )
    Date of birth :15 Mrach 2015
    First year birth day : 15 the March 2016

    Father name : Raghavendra Sai Kiran
    Mother name : Nagha satya Sri

    Grand Mother name : Janaki Devi
    Grand father name : Ganga Raju

    Best wishes from Other members
    V Ananad Ravi Kiran ( 33 years ) …Chinna Naanna
    V Saraswathi Anuasha ( 26 Years ) Chinnamma

    Thummuri Venkata suraya narayana : Grand Father ( 55 Years )
    Mangatayaru : Grand mother ( 50 years )

    Please advise we can give the details with photos of our grand son to celebrate his first birth day
    and to receive for lord venkateswara swamy blessings through SVBC shathamanmbhavathi
    V G Raju Mobile no. 9243410384 E mail id

  166. Sri Ram says:

    Download from this site your vides

  167. K RISHITHA says:

    pl. upload sathman bhavathi programme 13/01/2016.

  168. venkateswara rao says:

    how to send birthday wishes through ttd channel

  169. akula madhu babu says:

    Dear bhakthichannel team i want to request you to give the wishes of lord venkateshwara to my daughter akula sai sapriya trough ur program satamanambhavathi on 21-04-16 we mised to post 3weeks before today we are going to send the speed post kindly consider and provide the mangasissulu for my daughter.

  170. K.PRABHAKAR says:


  171. G.Rajharao says:

    namaskaaragalu to SVBC TIRUPATHI
    SIR i like to inform u that i send a cover by thru professional courier and enclose my gr son Sanjay photo an letter statig his Birthday on 27 th april this is first tiem i send this fo rthe Blessings fo Lord venketeswar to my gr son.
    so kind apologise me for sending lately / pl telecast my Gr son Birthday wishes . hereafter i will send well in advance.
    hantavad GRAjha rao 31 sanadhi street Tirukoilur rajha mob 8438297690

  172. deepthi says:

    Please upload or send the program video dated apr,23, 2016 to my email address. Thank you!

  173. savitri says:

    dear bakthi channel, I requestly says that my daughter sunanda birthday 20th may Friday please give her to lord venkateswara blessings. plz apologize me for lately sending. first time I am sending this.

  174. surya says:

    sir, how to send wishes and photos through gmail..?? i want to send my sister daughter photo and wishes…..

  175. Priyanka says:

    Can’t we upload photos online

  176. mahesh k says:

    Hi Team,

    Could you please send me shatamanam-bhavathi program video to my email of Januray 30th 2016.

  177. GRajah rao says:

    namskaragalu MY Birthday 72 nd falls on 8 th june(MY DOB 8-6-1943)i send my photo with letter tocay by Professiinal courier i seek the Blessigns form lord Balaji srivri .kind enquires formmysonGRiriprsad Geetha Giriprasad dauget chitra chitra Gopinath and gr son pavan and sanjay. kindly telecast the names of my family . alng with the Blessings of sri sri venketeswara swamy

    GRAjhaRao 31 sannadhistreet Triukoilur 23 th may 2016

  178. Vishnu Vardhan says:

    Hi Sir/Madam,
    This program is very good and get blessings from lord vekateshwara swamy.

    You have given a option to get the same via Postal and SMS ., here i am requesting you to please make e mail id also now a day’s so many devotees are using online and it is easy to get them same.

    If possible please create e mail id also.
    Thanks And Regards,
    Vishnu Vardhan

  179. Channakeshava G says:

    There is any possibility of sending through email

  180. Priyanka says:

    I have sent my parent photo and wishes through post on23/5/16. There are going to celebrating 25 th marriage anniversary on 7/6/16 please convey greetings Nd blessings from Lord venkateswara…..

  181. Mani says:

    Please upload 05 jun 2016 satamanam navatha program

  182. KK says:

    Namaskaraam, please upload 27th May 2016 episode of Shatamanam Bhavathi programme. Thanks.

  183. B.shrekannth says:

    BUDDHA MAHALAKSHMI HARIHARAN Birthday 01-07-2016 Father:- SHREKANNTH Mother:- satyavathi Grand father:- SANYASIRAO Grand mother:-Bhavani mavayya:- polaraju

  184. Ranganatha N says:

    Dear Sir

    My daughters birthday on 24th June, if I send the details through Professional Courier, will you accept and gives the lords bless through Shatahmanam Bhavathi program on 24th. Kindly accept confirm.



  185. Kishore says:

    Please upload sathamanam bhavathi program on 23rd December 2010

  186. posina venkataramana says:

    Namasthe satamanambhavathi programme team,
    My nephew birthday on july 16 i saw the programme .atleast send the photos before 15 days.. if now i send the my nephew photos accept and reject….please send the information my email…

  187. Gopalreddy says:

    How to send photo…

  188. Gopal says:

    How to send photo

  189. Raj kumar says:

    Please upload my son first birthday wishes on may 29 2015…

  190. Swetha Saragadam says:

    Hi Bhakthi Channel team,

    I Would like to send Birthday Wishes of my Husband Rajesh Saragadam on his 29th Birthday on 20th July,2016. I Didn’t knew the Address and i wanted Blessings of Lord Venkateshwara Swamy on his Birthday.
    Greetings From Wife Swetha Saragadam,Amma:Mangarathnam,Nanna:Atchim Naidu,Atthaya:Kunthi devi,Mavaya garu: Eswara Rao,Maradhalu:Meghana, Annaya:Krishna,Vadhina:Hema inka Bandhu mithra assirvadhala tho Puttina roju Shubhakanshalu andhinchandii…

    Please send his details on that day as he will happy and no matter if couldn’t share his Photo.

  191. POGULA ashok says:

    Shamanam bhavathi july16 :2016missed so plz upload to email address

  192. radha says:

    hi sir
    my syster birthday on 23rd i want to wish her in shatamanam bhavathi program

  193. santosh kumar m says:

    Respected Sir,
    These is Santosh from Bangalore, I have send my son details through post on 11.07.2016 with all the details like Name : Shreehari, Rashi Simha, and Nakshetra Puppa sorry to say that sir I have not mentioned the date as his date of birth is on 30.07.2016. kindly update the same and oblige.

    Santosh kumar .M

  194. K M LALITHA says:

    Namaskaram to SVBC . I want to request you to please telecast my husband photo on svbc channel wishes from Lord Shri Venkateswara and Smt Padmavathi. details of my husband Shri K. Tirumala Rao. celebrating birthday on 12th August. Today photo send to svbc channel through speed post. Thanking you. I am Lalitha W/o Tirumala Rao. G-10 New Pension Bada, Raipur Chhattisgarh

  195. happy brith day b.anil says:

    Comment happy brith day anil kumar

  196. KOLLU YADAGIRI says:

    I would like to already photo sent by Courior
    Tracking No. V30065707 Booking Date 07th Sep’16 Last Status Date 08th Sep’16 Receiver Name Sing Relationship Employee Phone 9988774455
    the details of first birth day of MY DAUGHTER KOLLU RUTVIJA

    Name : KOLLU RUTVIJA ( 11 months 23 days as on date )

    Date of birth :17 SEPTEMBER 2015

    First year birth day: 17 SEPTEMBER 2016

    Father name : YADAGIRI

    Mother name : LAXMI DURGA

    Grand Mother names : MUTHYAVATHI & PRAMEELA

    Grand father names : LINGAIAH & LATE YALAMANDA RAO
    Best wishes from Other members

    Please advise we can give the details with photos of MY DAUGHTER to celebrate her first birth day and to receive for lord venkateswara swamy blessings through SVBC shathamanmbhavathi

    KOLLU YADAGIRI MOBILE 9963551099E mail id (

  197. Madhukar says:

    Jai Srimann Narayana
    Sir, I like to inform u that today I send a cover by thru Dtdc courier and enclose my gr son Kidambi Sudhanva Srivatsa on his first birthday 23rd spetember . Please telecast my grand son Birthday wishes.

    Lord venkateshwara blessings anadhariki uundalane kurukutunanu.

    Ammama , Thathaih, Mammaiah.

  198. Bhavaniprasad says:

    Hello Good morning
    My sister birthday is in 13th October can I send photo today please reply me

  199. Akshaya says:

    Please upload 1-10-2016 program I missed to watch it plz

  200. Prithvi krishna says:

    Birthday wishes to Prithvi Krishna,
    Dob : 12/10/2015
    Place: Bangalore
    This is the first year birthday,
    Wishes from grand mother Mangamma,
    Mama :Mani, mother :sujatha, father : manjunath.

    Thanking u
    Sri Venkateshwara bakthi channel and team.

  201. Dr.RenuMadhavi says:

    Dear Shatamanambhavatu team,
    Pls shower the blessings of Tirumala sreevaru to chiranjeevi Likhitha on her 8th birthday,i.e on 16.10.2016.
    Peddammalu,peddanannalu,srikar anna and Harika akka
    How to attach photo

  202. Anand says:

    Can I send photo and details email

  203. Anand kumar says:

    Dear sir,

    How do i sent mail and photo to shathamanam bhavathi.

    is there any option to send mail.

  204. GVSekhar says:

    Thank you for the useful info. It helps.
    The phone number has changed. And it is better to link back to the svbcttd website which will have latest info always.

    Here’s the link:

  205. Y raghavendra says:

    Om namo venkatesaya namaha Sir ma papa birthday as on date 03-11 -2016 name was y. Poojithaeshwari please tell me wishes to my first daughter and she was 6 th birthday wishes to happy birthday to poojothaeshwari father :Y.raghavendra, mother; Y.krishnaveni; and sister; pranitha and grand father and pedanannalu pinnI, mamalu thank u

  206. vijaya gopal says:

    sir, is it compulsory to send photo 3weeks before?because my nephew birthday on 3 nov.if i can send photo now is it ok.plz reply me through my mail(



  208. SWETHA says:


  209. Lakshmi says:

    Hi Team,

    I want my daughter oviya to receive blessings on 4h dec 2016 as it is her bday. Please tell me how i should send the picture?


  210. Munirathnam pothuraju says:

    On nano venkatesaya sathamanam bhavathi team sir my second son Hasith Krishna Birth Day on 14/12/2011 pl wish him. Maa chinna kumarudu5th Birth Day on 14/12/2016 maa ku pandagha roju maakoduku elanti putting rojulu enno jarupukovali aha edukodala venkateswara swami divinalu kalaghalani koruchunnamu. Koruchnavaru: amma:Syamala,Nanna:Munirathnam Pothuraju, Nannamma:munemma,That’s:Krishnaiah Pothuraju, ammamma:Narasamma,Subramanyam.& menaatta,menamamulu,Friends and Relatives.

  211. K DURVASULU says:

    How to send Bithday Wishes Photos TO SAathamanam Bhavathi Program for SVBC by mail. Please tell me.

  212. T srinivas says:

    Please provide online birthday wishes by sending pic through email

  213. Prasanthi says:

    Dear sir…on January 8th is my cousin birthday so I want to wish her through sathamanam bhavathi program , can I done through mail or not

  214. abhinash says:

    Sir Gud mrng,
    I’m from nizamabad dist
    My son birthday on 18-01-2017
    On the day it was my my son first birthday soo please will u send ur whatsapp no
    I can send details on What’s app

  215. ramalakshmi says:

    can i send the photo and details through email? kindly share email id for the same.

  216. Goutami says:

    Can u upload 16/1/17 episode in sathamanam bhavati

  217. SEKHAR says:

    Sir my son birthday 08/01/2017 now played video ttd channel at date 08/01/2017 satamanambhavathi video upload sir

  218. Shravani says:

    How I should send
    photo to shatamanam bhavathi program

  219. dornala bhaskar says:

    hi goodving ttd TV live shathamanabavtee best of luck friends fuograme contact us on 9652680415

  220. P. Niranjan Kumar says:

    Om namo venlatesaya namaha sir ma chinnari muddula papa P. HIRANYA ki a kaliyuga nithya kalyana nadhudu Sri venkateswara Swamy yokka divya aasissulanu andinchagalaru. Itlu Amma Jamuna Nanna Niranjan Kumar and family members.

  221. Divya Sumanth says:

    Hi, is there any number, where we can send pics n details instead of post? I mean any watsapp number? R any mail ID?

  222. srinivasa kumar says:

    dear sir,

    my son birthday on 26th February , please the mail id to share the photo of my son to show in satamanambhavati program

    thanking you.

    srinivasa Kumar

  223. P. Niranjan Kumar says:

    Om namo venkatesaya namaha ma chinnari papa P Hiranya birthday on 19.02.2017 so ma papaku birthday wishes and Sri venkateswara swamy’s blessings andincgagalaru.
    Mom Jamuna
    Dad Niranjan Kumar and family members.

  224. S mounika says:

    Hi sir,
    Our 1st anniversary is on march 6th can i send the photo on monday 20th February.plz msg me about da details

  225. aadilakshmi says:

    marriage anniversary wishes to Kiran kumar and lakshmi pavani
    city: hyderabad
    no : 9849483602
    wishes from Amma, nanna, aadilakshmi,nagalakshmi,teju,tripura

    thank u svbc team

  226. Divya says:

    Hi team,

    Please give your mail I’d

  227. Lavanya.s says:

    my parents anniversary is on 04/03/1993
    for the first i am liking to send this to you to get the blessing of sri lord venkatashwara swami to my parents from our family membarse.
    our details:
    name of my parents
    Father :Shivamallachar.s
    Harshitha lakshimi.s
    HB.krishna prasad
    bassapaji. hb

  228. Lavanya.s says:

    pleas do notify me your reply

  229. Geetha says:

    Om namovenkateshaya sir ma aunty vijayalakshmi ma uncle vemareddy gaarlaku pelliroju 04-april-2017 kavuna vallidariki Venkateshwara Swamy divyashissulanu andajeyandi antu geetha santhoshreddy korukuntunamu.

  230. Lokesh babu says:

    Sri ,can I send details to your mail box or compulsory in the post

  231. sathish says:

    thank u

  232. NAGARJUN K says:

    Nice programme in SVBC channel is shathamanambavathi. ….suprbb

  233. R.Chandra Shekar says:

    Om Namo Venkatesaya,is there any option of sending the photo through email for birthday wishes in sathamanbhavathi program

  234. Radha krishna says:

    Can we send photo for satamanambhavati through email

  235. Lavanya.s says:

    my birtha day is on 11th june when when shall i sand post

  236. srinivas says:

    good evening sir, is there any option to send mail, my doughter birthday is on 9-4-2017 plese reply me

  237. Neelima arun Kumar says:

    Sir do I have any possibility to send wishes through mail

  238. V.BHARATHI DEVI says:

    Respeted sir,
    V.Bharathi Devi From Vijayawada Request you to Please wish My Mother V.Ratna vati, Bhimavaram on the Occassion Of her Birth Day on 13th April, 2017.

    Please shower the blessngs of lord Venkateswara to my mother.
    V.Bharathi Devi,
    Door No.13/101,S.F-1, Srinivasa Residency, Tulasi Nagar Road, Ashok Nagar,Vijayawada-520007.

  239. Devendar M says:

    ***​వేంకటాద్రి సమా స్థానం ​బ్రమ్మoడే నాస్థి కించన
    వేంకటేశ సమోదేవో నభూతో నభవిశతి***

    డియర్ శతమానం భవతి

    తేది 26-04-2017 బుధవారం రోజున పెండ్లి రోజు జరుపుకుంటున్న మా అమ్మ నాన్న వర్షిణి దేవేందర్ లకి శుభాకాంక్షలు తెలుపుతూ ఆ శ్రీదేవి భూదేవి సమేత కల్యాణ వెంకటేశ్వర స్వామి దివ్వ్య ఆశిషూలు ఎల్లవేళలా కలగాలని ఆశీర్వదించగలరు

    కుమారుడు రిత్విక్ మరియు కుటుంబసభ్యులు

    M Rithvik,
    S/O Devendar,
    Vi & Mdl: Karimnagar,
    Dist: Karimnagar,
    State: Telangana,
    Pin: 505001.

    ** ఓం వెంకటేశాయ నమః **
    Hartfully Thanks To The SVBC-TTD Managemant

    *** Shatamanam Bhavathi ***

  240. Divya says:

    Sir memu ma babu birthday ki photo pampincham kani date rayadm marchipoyam… tarwatha a photo maku return raledu.. memu January lo send chesam photo ni.Babu name Thrivedh Bargav…address correct gane rasam sir… memu a photo ni January lo pampam… plzzz maku a photo return cheyandi

  241. Raghu says:

    I want wish my nephew second birthday wishes.His name Gowtham. Birthday date 23.04.2015.

  242. Ramalakshmi says:

    Hi, i want wish my nephew .His name Gowtham .
    His father name : RajaKumar.
    Mother name .Revathi
    His Date of Birth :23.04.2015
    His second DOB:23.04.2017
    Wishes from Ragavendran,
    WE want wishes from Lord Venkateshwara swamy(Shatamaanam Bhavathi Program)

  243. Pokala Pavankumar says:

    Thank you svbc channel team 4 giving blessings to us

  244. Sravani says:

    I want wish to my mom &dad for their marriage anniversry on 27-04-2017 their names are samudrala chandrahasa & samudrala suneetha vani wishes on behalf of their daughters sravani & mounika soninlaws pavan &srisailam and thier sweetest grands thaman & moksha.plz we want wishes from lord venkateshwara swamy at sthamanambavathi programme.

  245. Damodharam A says:

    Hi Team,

    My son 2nd birthday is on Wednesday 26-April-17,Please bless him ( A Hemanth Kumar) in the Shathamanambavathi program

    SV Colony Mangalam Tirupathi.

  246. Rinaswini Maddila says:

    My second daughter third birthday may 2 plz wish to her. father mother sister

  247. Lakshmi narayana k says:

    Hi SVBC team.
    My younger son Name is kudupudi Amith he is celebrating 10th Birthday on 28 April 2017 please wish to him& give lord Venkateshwara blessings.(in sathamanam Bhavathi)
    Please say birthday wishes from father.Lakshmi Narayana mother MAHALKSHMI Brother Sanju&grand perents​.

    Kudupudi Lakshmi narayana
    Sidhantham post
    Penugonda Mandalam
    West Godavari district

  248. satyasai Degala says:

    Hi SVBC team.
    My younger son Name is Siddharth Degala he is celebrating 2nd Birthday on 10 May 2017 please wish to him& give lord Venkateshwara blessings.(in sathamanam Bhavathi)
    Please say birthday wishes from father-Sreedhar.mother-Soumya.Sister-Sahasra.Babai-SatyaSai and Grand Mother- Padmavathi


  249. Harini says:

    So nice and good programme
    Because God balaji blessings gave for all
    Keep it up for good work
    Mind is very fresh relaxation programme
    Thank you for all

  250. Sumanth kumar says:

    My daughter’s birtday is on may5th please wish her

  251. Sumanth kumar says:

    My daughter’s birtday is on may5th please wish her.har name is sushma

  252. Syamala says:

    Hi Team ,
    My daughter SAI SRI DHANVITHA ‘s 2nd birthday on 08.05.2017.Please say birthday greetings to her in sathamanam Bhavathi programme.

    Birthday wishes from Mother- Syamala,Father- Harish,Grandparents- Koteswararao,Lakshmi & Ratna kumari , Mamayya- Pavan.

    Krishna District.

  253. karun chowdary says:

    Om namo venkatesaya namaha, My son birthday on 25-May-17,Please bless him in the Shathamanam bavathi program

    Wishes From
    Mother- B Naga satya
    Grand Fathers- Venkateswara rao
    Veera Raghav Swamy
    Grand Mothers- Sri Krishna Kumari
    Venkata Laxmi

    Flat no-301,Sri Mahalaxmi Towers,
    Phone No: 9701366066

  254. Sandhya says:

    May 22nd my son birthday Plz bless him in the shathamanam bavathi program

    2788/5c 1st Mani Chamundipuram,Mysore
    Phone number: 09740129218

  255. Jagannadha puri says:

    Namaskaram omo namo venkatesaya…..

    My daughter chidvilasini birthday on June 1 st 2017 first birth day please wish him on the day sir


    Jagannadha puri kalpana

    Grand parents. Krishna rao,damayanthi,p v ramana and eswaramma


    And other relatives

  256. Karthik says:

    On June 7th my sister Rishi birthday please give blessings from lord venkateshaya and …
    Best wishes from karthik her brother

  257. Amol says:

    Om namo venkateshya namaha,
    My husband birthday on 23-may-2017,please bless him in the shathamanam bavathi program.
    1844 sahi peth
    Solapur ,413005

  258. Sathiya says:

    I sent a details of my daughter its deliver to you ur channel

  259. Prathima.R says:

    Hi,SVBC Team My son POORVIK.M birthday on 8th June 2017 please bless him in the shathanam bavathi program. Wishes from. Father – Manoj Kumar.V. Mother – Prathima.R. Grand mother- Leelavathi .H.A Address: No.439 Shastri Nagar, Bangalore.

  260. UDAY says:

    Hi team,

    My Son in law Birthday 26th may please bless him in the Shatamaanam Bhavathi Program

    Thanks &Regards
    Uday chandra,
    Cell no:-9505500979

  261. Lekshith Reddy says:

    Om namo venkatesaya, Hi svbc team my son D. Lekshith reddy birthday on 19-06-2017.Please bless him in satamaanam bavathi program. Wishes from father venkata reddy, mother Renuka, brother jenvith reddy and grand parents. From nagaram near ecil in Hyderabad.

  262. Sathiya says:

    I sent a details of my daughter if u receive that courier

  263. Indira priya says:

    Convey our wishes and lord venkateswara’s blessings to my brother sarat chandra babu and vadina aruna kumari on their marriage day on 2 June 2017. They are living in Triruchi.

  264. Indira priya D says:

    Please covey my best wishes and lord venkateswara’s blessing to my brother sarat chandra and vadina aruna kumari on their marriage anniverasary on 2 June 2017.

    Wishing from:
    Sister: Indira priya
    Bavagaru : Bhushana rao and prathyusha
    Kondapalli ,krishna dist .

  265. Aadvika deepak says:

    Hi SVBC team. My grand daughter Aadvika Deepak’s birthday falls on 8/6/2017. Please bless her in your shatanam Bhavathi programm. Wishes from Great Grand parents, Grand parents, Parents and relatives..
    Aadvika Deepak , 70 SHIG – B -5, Arkavati Building, Phase 4, Yelahanka New Town, Banagalore – 560064

  266. B. Veerabhadriah says:

    My brother’s son Chi. B. Sivakumar’s marriage is to be held on 29-6-2017 ay Sathyavedu. AP. Please bless him on the particular day. Namo Venkatesaya.

  267. sathish says:

    Name : Sathish.G

    Birthday date : 25/06/2017

    Address : 194/54 Cb Road
    bargur, Krishanagir-635104
    Tamil Nadu

    This is 24th birthday for him, we want blessing from Lord venkateshwara swamy and may this year gonna be a great one for him.

    Wishes from : Govindan (father), Indira (mother),saravanan (brother),venkatesan(brother)

  268. YUGANDHAR says:

    Dear sir/madam,.
    My daughter’s navyanithya’s birthday is on july 4th so please give the blessings of lord venkateswara and yours blessings.

  269. Yadamakanti Shiva Krishna says:

    My Son Shiva Krishna Birthday on Date :-03-07-2017
    Please bless him in the sethamanam bavathi program
    Father:-madhu Sudhan rao
    And all family member’s
    Birth day Date:-03-07-2017
    Name:-shiva Krishna

  270. Pavithra says:

    Can we send photo and other details through mail ?

  271. LATHA says:

    PH NO: 7842295990,FROM KADAPA.

  272. Spandan Kumar Terli says:

    Hi Team,
    My parents (Satyanarayana & Radhika) 29th Anniversary on 23rd June i.e on Friday. So please wish them in the Shatamanam Bhavathi Channel. From their children’s (Spandan Kumar, Sindhu Varalakshmi) and their family members.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Spandan Kumar

  273. M sreemannarayanareddy says:

    My son madhamala venkatagiridharreddy

  274. Sampathkumar says:

    My son birthday is on july 22nd please bless him and greet dis little kid on his bday.wishes from father satyanandam and mother satyadevi.may lord venkateswara shower his blessings on us thanku

  275. Ramesh says:

    Hai, SVBC team my son Thanmai kaeumuri, birthday on 5th July. Please bless him in sethamanambhavathi program. Wishes from Grandmother- Lakshmi, Father- Ramesh, Mother- Madhuri, younger father- Sunil, younger mother- Kalyani, and lovingly brother cheritesh

  276. Yash gupta says:

    July 19 is my son Yash Gupta birthday plz bless him in shataman bhavathi program
    Father Satish Kumar
    Mother. Rashmi Satish
    Grand Father. Venkataramana Swamy
    Grand mother. Kasturi
    Sister. Charvi Gupta

  277. Rekha Devanpalli says:

    Hi Team, My doughter Swaraa Shrinivas Devanpalli shes birthday on 12th July Please bless her on the shathanam bavathe program wishes from Father shrinivas devanpalli, Mother – Rekha devanpalli, Both Granny’s & Granpaa
    Home address is : B2/904, Omkar SRA Towers, Malad (E).

  278. Bala Chandra kumar.K says:

    Hi, SVBC Team Can we send the photos via whats up to the given contact number 91-9000222603

  279. Cheni govindu says:

    On name vwnkateshayaa I m 37 years old still single not getting engaged I had many Darsham of Lord venkateshyaa still not happy in my life please bless me

  280. G VARUNI says:

    om namo venkatesaya. hi svbc, my son’s birthday is on August 16th. please bless him through shatamanam bhavathi programme. wishes from Mother- varuni, grand father- golla jogi raju. Eluru

  281. G VARUNI says:

    om namo venkatesaya. hi svbc. my son’s birthday is on August 16th. His name is TANUJ. please bless him through shatamanam bhavathi programme . wishes from Mother varuni, Grandfather Golla jogi raju. Eluru, west godavari dist,.

  282. saibaba Kotturu says:

    Hi SVBC Team My son Nidhish Kotturu Birthday on 7th July 2017 please bless him in the shathanam bavathi program.Wishes from Father-Saibaba Kotturu Mother-Ashiwini Kotturu Grand Father-Narsaiah Kotturu Grand mother -Shashikala Kotturu and all other family members address:Gundaram mdl& dist:nizamabad telangana state.503186.

  283. Ankitha reddy says:

    Birthday ankitha reddy d/o rama devi ,vijay Bhaskar reddy from Hyderabad

  284. srinivasan says:

    My parents wedding anniversary on dated 11.07.2017, thiruvonam naksatram, my parents s.venkata Krishnan, N.V.subhashini , plz wishes of Lord venkateswara thro yur channel, kindly wishes thru channel, we already send courier photo,details , Thanks our wishes p rasanna ramachandran, sripriya,bhaaratwaj,varadarajan and SRINIVASAN ,thanks m.9943289918, tamilnadu

  285. T.siva laxmi parvathi says:

    My sister’s daughter K.SARVA SIVA RAMA MOKSHA SREE birthday on 20th july 2017 please bless his in sathamanam bhavathi program WISHES FROM GRAND FATHER T.Hanumantha rao,GRAND MOTHER T.Naga lakshmi, PINNILU T.Siva laxmi parvathi, T.Kathayanini
    Khammam dist, 507115

  286. vijaykumar says:

    Om namo vekateswara my son Gokul nandan birthday on 23-7-2017. Please bless him in sathabanam bavathi programme. Wishes from , parents-lakshmi, vijay.grand parence-srinivasulu,kondammma.ramanjineyulu, sakunthala. Mamayya Naresh kutumba sabyulu.home address -kistappa building, near ayyapa swamy temple .electronic city . bangalore.

  287. Phani babu says:

    శ్రీ వెంకటేశేయానమః శ్రీ వెంకటేశ్వర భక్తీ ఛానల్ వారికీ నమస్కారం ,మా అబ్బాయి “నిరూప్ శేష చైతన్య ” జూలై 15,2017.కావునా శతమానంభవతి కర్యక్రమం ద్వారా మా అబ్బాయికి స్వామి వారి దీవెనలు అందించమని కోరుతున్నాము .తత్తయ్య-కేదారి మోహన్ ,నాయన్నమ్మ-మంగతాయారు ,నాన్న- ఫణి బాబు, అమ్మ-శ్రీ నైన.మరియు కుటుంబ సబ్యులు.అడ్రస్:Phani babu,flat no-S2,road no-5,Dwaraka nagar,Eluru.

  288. P.lakshmipathi says:

    P.lakshmipathi Says:
    Hi svbc team my daughter D.mahalakshmi birthday on 16th July 2017 please bless her in the shathamanam bavathi program. Wishes from. Father -mamayya chary. Mother-anuradha.Grand mother leelavathi. Amama – mani. Tatayya-baburao

  289. P chiranjeev says:

    Om namo venkatesaya my son birth day 25 July 2017 please bless him in the data manam bhavathi program. Wishes from. Mother- P Anusha. Father- P Bala Chandra. Sisters – P chandana, P shree Mahalakshmi.

  290. vijay says:

    Om namo vekateswara
    my son Gokul nandan birthday on 23-7-2017 please bless him in sathabanam bavathi programme. Wishes from, parents-lakshmi, vijay.grand parence-srinivasulu, kondammma.ramanjineyulu, sakunthala. Mamayya Naresh kutumba sabyulu.home address kistappa building near ayyapa swamy temple. Electronic city

  291. Vinay Kumar says:

    My son Sai Roshan Birthday is on 16th July. Plzzz wish him Happy Birthday. Bless him Sathanambavathi From Vinay, Kalashri, Shoba, Nithi, Sanjay and Gayathri.
    HBR Layout.

  292. N.Hema Madhuri says:

    Hi svbc team, Om Namo Venkateshaya I wanna wish my nephew shanmugh adwick on his 5th birthday of this month on,please give blessings of LORD Venkateshwara in sathamanambhavathi program. From, mother-bhargavi,father-srinivas,grand mother-vijayalakshmi, grand father-subbachary,saritha-anil and madhuri.
    Thanking you.

  293. umasree says:

    Hi, SVBC Team My daughter YOHITHA.G birthday was on 28th july 2017 please bless him in shathanam bavathi program.
    wishes from.
    Father – G.Gajendra Reddy, Mother – Umasree,

  294. M.Naga Sonali says:

    3rd August my daughter M.Naga Sonali. Birthday.please give blessing from Lord Venkateswara and her family members Father ..M.Pardha Sarathi…..Mother….M.Varalaxmi..Sister…..M.NagaHamsini. from Khammam

  295. Venkateshwarlu says:

    My wife Pavani birthday on 12th August. please bless her in TTD shathamanam bavathi program.
    Husband name: Venkateshwarlu Jogiparthi
    Daughter name: Veeksha shree
    Father,mother,son, daughters,attha,maama,chelli

  296. B shyam says:

    August 10th my daughter first birth day bless her with devoted wishes
    Birthday girl name – Boddeti venkata thanusree
    Dob- 10-08-2016
    Father – boddeti Nagaraju
    Mother – b Saraswathi
    Grand father – b Nagaraju
    Grand mother- B Saraswathi
    Photo dispatched through Dtdc courier service

  297. chinna says:

    Is there any way of sending the photos not by post

  298. NALLA ASHOK says:


  299. meka srinivasa rao says:

    9/8/2017 my daughter brithday please bless her she name bhavan sir ki Sri venkateswara swamivari bless andhichavalasidhiga koorukutu family members
    Address-meka Srinivas
    Do-no 4/1012/1 Rajupet machiliptanam

  300. Vidyut Narain kurpad says:

    My wife’s(LATHA) birthday on 15th September. Please bless her on Shathamanam Bhavati Programme.
    Best wishes from Vidyut (Husband) / Mani, Kailas & Venkatesh (Sons) and Sona(Komal) Daughter-in-law.
    Asha Nagar, Kandivili East, Mumbai-400101

  301. SRINIVASA REDDY, Sriharipuram, Visakhapatnam says:

    Om Namo Venkateshya, My birthday is on 15th August . So, kindly display my Photo along with the blessings. Dhanyavaad.

  302. Bheemesh says:

    Hi SVBC Team ,

    My Son Mr.B. MohithAbhiram 6th Birthday on 29.August.2017 Please Bless him in the shathamanam Bhavathi Progaram

    Wishes from . Grand Mothers : Santhamma
    Father Name : B.Bheemesh
    Mother Name : B. Bagya lakshmi
    Sister Name : B. Rithika
    Uncle Name : G Shiva Kumar
    Gajuladhinne (V) Gonegandla (m) Kurnool -518463

  303. Ashok Goud says:


    First Marriage Anniversary of my son NARESH GOUD with LASYA PRIYA on 21 August 2017.

    First Month Birthday of my Grand son SAI NIHAL on 21 August 2017

    Best Wishes from:
    Father: Ashok Goud
    Mother: Rama
    Brother: Sukesh Goud
    Amamma: Anjani
    Menamama: Shivananda

    From Address:
    Ashok Goud
    30-246/13/224 A, PB nagar Colony, Old Safilguda, Neredmet, Secunderabad 500056

  304. Naga malleswara rao says:

    Om namo venkatesaya namaha…my daugher…nandhipati..madhuri birth day on 04th september please him in the sathamanam bhavathi program..wishes from father:N.N.Malleswarao. Mother ;N.dhana lakshmi… Address.guntur

  305. Kranmai says:

    My daughter nischala sri birthday on september 11 2017
    Please give her blessings from Lord Venkatesha on that day
    Wishes from
    Parents: Suresh babu and Kiranmai
    Grandparents : Madhava rao and Ammaji
    Great grandmother: Laxmi
    Address: D-no: 39-18-4, near icici bank, madhavadhara, visakhapatnam

  306. Saiprasad K Sharma says:

    Our Grandson Aashrit’s birthday is on 24/09, please bless him in Shatamana Bhavati program.
    Wishes from Ammama-Tata, Nannamma-Tata, Amma-Nanna, Mama. Address: SaiprasadK Sharma 102 Bhausaheb Survey Nagar Nagpur – 440022 Maharashtra.

  307. Reddy karthiram says:

    Hi, sathamanam bhavathi my sun Reddy karthi ram birthday on 23/9/2017. Wish him gods blesses and his mother kumari and ramesh.pls bless him.

  308. Jeyanthi j says:

    Om namo venkatesaya. My only son M. Naresh Anand star birthday is on 25 sep 2017. Star Anusham. Date wise birthday on 26 sep 1998. Please bless him in sathamanam bavathi. I feel lord venkateshwara blessing through this program. Wishes from mother jeyanthi. Address. 7/4 geethalaya apartments, sakthi nagar main road, porur chennai 600116.

  309. Pavani. B. L says:

    Please bless my son for his birthday celebration on 25 September 2017 through Shathamanam bhavathi. Request sent by parents naveen Kumar , mother Pavani, babai Praveen kumar, pinni swetha brother Uttej sister ankitha grand father Durga prasad grandmother seethamma, Vidyavathi, and all other relatives. Address.. B.L. Pavani c/o b.l Naveen kumar no.7-106/12, plot no 150. , Opp. To A. R. C. I venkateswara colony RCI road balapur hyderabad 500005. Phone 9391038940.

  310. Gullapudi lakshmi chaitanya says:

    My daughter
    16 sept2016
    Plz bless him shatamanam bhavathi program
    Gullapudi aditya:father
    Lakshmi chaitanya:mother
    Deekshith: brother
    Grandhi apparao:grand father
    Lakshmi prasanna:grand mother
    Rambabu:grand fa
    Aruna kala:grand ma
    And all my family members to wish my child

  311. Lakshmi says:

    Kaliyuga devudu Sri Venkateswara Swamy 14 sept 2017
    Lakshmi says:
    Hi’ SVBC team my husband Murthy
    Birthday on 14 sept 2017 please
    Bless him on satamanam bhavati program.

  312. Ranjith says:

    Om Namo Venkateshaya namaha.
    Hi SVBC team on 22-09-2017 my daughter S Vatsalya first birthday. Please bless her in the satamanam bavathi program from father & mother S Ranjith & Ramadevi, hyderabad.

  313. krishna says:

    Hi , SVBC Team My Brother K.T.Rajesh kumar Birthday on 25-10-2017 Please bless him in the shatamanam bhavathi Program Wishes From Father -K.Thirumala Kondaiah –Mother -Lakshmi tulasi/ sister- joshna/wife–uma devi/ Brother –krishna kanth/ daughter –Haasmitha 18-1327 Revenue Colony nandyal road opp bishop church Kurnool-2 518002

  314. Saiprasad Sharma says:

    Please bless our Grandson Aashrit whose birthday is on 25/09, from Tata Saiprasad, Ammama Ramadevi, Tata KARNAKAR garu, Nanamma Hamsavenigaru, Amma Soumya, Nanna Varun Gudi.

  315. RayadurgamMonika​ says:

    Is there any option to mail our photo instead of sending through address in shathamanam bhavathi

  316. Karthika says:

    Hi, Svbc team, My Son R. Nakul,birthday on 06 th Oct 2017, Please bless him in the thamanam bavathi program. Wishes from father, J.Rajkumar, mother R.Karthika,sister / brother , darshana, santhiya, thanasilan.grand ma saratha, krishnaveni. Grand pa elangovan. Kindly provide email id address I’ll sent the photo.

  317. Srinivasa rao.Banoth says:

    Hi my brother Banoth.Leelarjun birthday on 22 Oct 2017 please bless him in shatamanam program. wishes from Father Srinivasa rao, Mother Aruna, Sister priya darshini. Address -H. No2-172 kasnathanda, tanagampad, khammam.

  318. pavansunil says:

    my daughter birthday 26/10/2017 how to send my daughter photo.

    pls send me .

  319. appanna varjiparthi says:

    Hi svbc team this month my son birthday tell wises i send photo &ditiles plz send mail id & whatsup number other ditiles

  320. chinnusamy says:

    My daughter C.V Vidhyambika, celebrates her 14 the birthday on 15-10–2017,pl wish her on the shathamanam bhavathi program.
    Wishes from Father chinnusamy and mother valarmathi, grand mother chellammal and janaki

    192A,24C, ponnagar,
    Mettur dam-636401,
    Salem district
    Tamil nadu


    My Son VANAPARTHI SUVIDH Birth day in 13/10/2017 Friday please bless him

    Regalla village
    Kothagudem Dist and Mandal

  322. chippamahesh,H NO:- 2-3-85,ashoknagar, sircilla, 505301, Rajannasircilla district. says:

    Hi SVBC….
    డియర్ శతమానం భవతి
    తేదీ 24-10-2017 మంగళవారం రోజున పుట్టిన రోజు జరుపుకుంటున్న మా అల్లుడు చిలగాని.సగన్ కి పుట్టిన రోజు శుభాకాంక్షలు తెలియజేయగలరు…ఇట్లు:- మీ మామయ్య
    మరియు కుటుంబ సభ్యులు….
    Contact no:- 9966743366

  323. Ch. Venkata Rajesh says:

    Hi, SVBC team My marriage anniversary is celebrating on 25th Oct 2017 please give blessings from lord venkateswara. I sent a details please deliver in channel. My name Ch. Venkata Rajesh. Wife name Dhana Lakshmi. Wishes from father mohan Rao, mother Ram. Brothers mahesh, raghu.Address door no. 44-15-17/1, near santoshmata temple, thatichetlapalem, Visakhapatnam- 530008.

  324. Lalitha says:

    Hi svbc channel my daughter subramanyani birthday October 28th 2017 please bless her. Bless from mother_lalitha .father _phani. Msg from kodad. Nalgonda dist.

  325. Lalitha says:

    My daughter samudhyata birthday October 28th 2017 please bless her.bless from mother lalitha father phani

  326. Kranthi kumar says:

    Hi svbc my daughter name niharika first birthday on November 03 2017. So please bless him on shathamanam bhavathi programme. From father kranthi kumar and mother shyamala. Hyderabad
    Thank you

  327. Kranthi kumar says:

    Hi svbc my daughter name niharika first birthday on November 03 2017. Please bless him on shathamanam bhavathi programme
    kranthi kumar and shyamala
    From Hyderabad Lig chitapuri colony L-26-501 manikonda 500089

  328. Kranthi kumar says:

    Hi svbc my daughter name niharika first birthday on November 03 2017. So please bless him on shathamanam bhavathi programme. From father kranthi kumar and mother shyamala. Hyderabad
    Thank you 9553163532

  329. Lahari says:

    My name is lahariarunsekhar
    My parents marriage anniversary so pls tell them the wishes in ur channel subamasthu program from son in law Arun Sekhar and daughter ragasri

  330. CH. Sribhagyalakshmi says:

    Hi, SVBC team my daughter Ch.likhitha birthday on 30 October 2017 please bless her in the sathamanam bhavathi program. Wishes from father:Ch.Chandra Sekhar
    Mother: sribhagyalakshmi
    Sister :mahathi

  331. Kaipa Sreekanth Shastry says:

    Hi SVBC team I am Sreekanth my daughter’s birthday on 9 November please bless my daughter’s in shathamanbhavathi program. Wishes from father mother Poornima grandmother’s grandfather and our family members address:#942 7th main Srinagar Bangalore-50

  332. Srinu says:

    Hi, svbc team my manaladu ( Chaitanya Veera Venkat. S) birthday on 27th Oct 2017 please blease him in the sathamanam bhavathi program. Wishes from .Mavya -Srinu
    grandfather-Subba rao.
    H. No :4-64,Gadala,korukonadamandalm,Rajahmundry,Eastgodavari Dist
    State ::AP

  333. Lalitha says:

    My father garlapati subramanyasastry birthday on 19th November 2017.please bless him from satamanambhavati. Msg from lalitha,from kodad nalgonda dist.

  334. K Akhila says:

    My son birthday so we can send the details and photos by your email id if possible please send your email id
    Thank you
    Om namo venkatesaya

  335. Bhaskar R says:

    Hi Team,

    Nice initiative…God Bless All…

    My Son Kashyap B birthday is on 6th November, 2017. Request you put this on your channel (Shathanam Bhavathi) and thereby get the blessings from Lord Venkateswara. Also, the wishes & blessings from Father – Bhaskar, Mother – Radhiga, Grand Father – Rajamani & Grand Mother – Jamuna. – Marathalli, Bangalore.

  336. Pravallika says:

    My daughter PRAVALLIKA 2nd birth day on 07.11.2017. Plz bless him in satamanam bhavathi programme. Father Ravi kumar mother kumari.

  337. vyomakesh says:

    my son kum.vyomakesh birthday is coming on17.11.2017.please bless him.
    mother. vimala
    and all family members

    • Ch. Chaitanya says:

      Hi My father is completing his 60th birthday I request you to help me on how to uploads the photo through online.details are below.
      Ch. Subrahmanyam
      Age – 60
      Date of birth -27/11/1957

  338. Vijayalakshmi says:

    Kindly tell me how to upload my daughter’s photo in online for her birthday

  339. Balakrishna naik says:

    Hi team my son name Mr mokshith naik birthday coming .22-11-2017. please bless.
    Father Balakrishna naik
    Mother suseela
    And family members Nanda naik. Lakshmi Bai

  340. Balakrishna naik says:

    Address ballepalli Thanda pkothapalli post nallacheruvu Mandal Anantapur distic 515551. pH 9966688281

  341. Rohan R Bhosle says:

    Team SVBC my daughter Birthday on 26/11/2017. Pls pray lord Venkateswara to bless her.
    Blessings frm. Father Anil Kumar , mother Kalpana, uncle, Aunti, sister Ashwini, brothers Rahul Rohan.

  342. Krishna says:

    Hi team
    My daughter’s birthday is on 29th Nov 2017.kindly help me in suggesting as to how to send the photo online.
    Thank you

  343. Rama Subramanyam says:

    Please upload the satamanambavathi episode telecast on 26nov2017 as I couldn’t watch.i shall be very grateful to you

  344. Kavita. H. Lakkabathini says:

    hi this is Kavita. Harikumar. Lakkabathini, on 4th Dec my marriage anniversary , bless to both of us from shri venkateshwara swami.

  345. Sudha says:

    My son birthday is on 20th December. Can I send birthday wishes now. Kindly reply me

  346. Harshita says:

    Hi my brother sai Charan birthday on 12th December 2017 on visakapatnam how can i send my photos online pls tell me thank you

  347. lalitha says:

    Our marriage anniversary is on 24th December Bandela kuruva Narendra and Lalitha please covey my whishes in shatamanam bhavathi program from kurnool

  348. పవన్ says:

    మా నాన్న గారి గోపాల్వ్ పుట్టిన రోజు శుభాకాంక్షలు తలుపుతు వర్ కుమార్డు పవన్ కృష్ణ మరుయ ప్రవీణ్ 31-12-1954

  349. Sreenivasulu says:

    Hello team
    My daughter sannu. Lathikachowdary 2nd birthday on 17-1-18 pless bless me in sathamanam bhavathi program
    wishes by hole sannu family
    my address
    Gundalapalli (v), kuchivaripalli (po), Rajampeta (m), kadap(d).
    Thanking you

  350. S. Devabhavaany says:

    namasthe sir, to wish my grand sons both are same day birth day November 6th. I have come in person with details well in advance , u direct me to put in drop box. not telecasted on november 6, 2017. Kindly send me prasatham to thé following address masters m.m.sushanth thakshin and m. Nishanth, sons if murali mathumitha, 12/1242, freedom st, viduthalai nagar extn, sunnambu kolathur, kovilambakkam, Chennai 117. Please send prasatham, thanking you

  351. Mallesh says:

    Respected sir/Madam, My elder son Name is Hrushikesh his birthday on Jan 15 please telecast it in SHATHAMANAM BAVATHI IHope you might do it

  352. gomath sankar says:

    hell0 sir/madam my son birthday is on 31-01-2018 from
    Father- p. sudhakar
    Mother-p. renuka
    Grandfather-E. ramachandra
    Grandmother-E. papamma,
    and all family members

  353. Venkateswarlu says:

    Respected Sir/Madam my grandson(AVYAN) First Birthday is on 08-02-2018.Please telecast it in SHATHAMANAM BAVATHI..I hope my grand son will get Balaji’s blessing through SHATHAMANAM BAVATHI.
    nanna and amma
    maruyu kutumbam


    Hai SVBC
    This is Sai Krishna
    My younger son second birthday is 26th January
    Please give him Lord Venkateswara swamy blessing

  355. Pavithra j says:

    Hi sir /madam, My fathers- Jayprakash birthday on -1st Feb, please bless him in Shathamanam Bacardi,
    Wishs from wife – Lakshmi, Daughter – pavithra, Rupa , son-in-law – Ravi,Son – Hari Pradas, Grand son Shankara Suwan.

  356. SP.Sampathkumar says:

    Sir/Medam..My son SRIPERAMBUDURI.SRIPAD first birthday February 14th 2018 .please bless him lord vekateshwaraswany blessing.plese telecast in SHATHAMANAMBHAVATHI
    Amma: sravanthi
    Naana: sampathkumar
    Grandfather :mohandas
    Nanamma: Rukmini
    Babaii lu..venkatesh, sandeep
    Pinni: shilpa, Sowmya
    Mamaya: santhosh
    Akkaya: Saanvisri
    Annayaa: saharsh

  357. Y.Anjani kumar says:

    Wish you many more happy returns of the day sai anudeep February-9-2018

  358. Y.Anjani kumar says:


  359. Umamaheshwar V says:

    Om namo venkateshaya
    Please telecast birthday wishes to Hidarth on 9th February 2018 in shatamanam bhavathi program,
    His well wishers are parents Umamaheshwar and Srilatha, grandparents Eshwaramma,Ramaiah,mangamma, narayana ,srinivasulu,venkatadri,uncles and anties. Madhu,Srikalahasti,nandaiah,Balaji,sheshu,Suresh from Bengaluru,Kuvempu Nagar 560014

  360. shwetha dulla says:

    om namo venkatesaya..My son chy.Sri venkat tushar abhiram karthikeyan birthday on february 12th 2018 so please kindly bless him through satamanambhavathi program and may lord balaji shower your blessings on him for health ,wealth & success in his life. Thanking you all wonderful team of this program.His well wishers are…(Amma )Smt venkata nagalakshmi swetha (grandparents) dulla chinalingaraju tata garu & ammama dulla venkata naga sudha (great grand mother) surya naga mani &uncles and aunties. From visakhapatnam Andhra pradesh pin 530041 ,phone no 8374079387

  361. sudha says:

    our 32 nd marriage anniversary on feb 9th and this is first time sending to ur channel so please bless our couples ie dulla china linga raju,smt dulla venkata naga sudha through your satamanambhavati program by lord venkateswaraswami varu &amma vari blessings always on our family members ie only daughter and grandson also.Thanking you.

  362. Satish Sirole says:

    Hi SVBC Team, I am Satish Sirole my son’s birthday on 16 February 2018. Please bless my son in Shatamanan bhavathi program. Wishes from grand parents Saroja and Geeta Bai, father Satish Sirole, mother Priya and sister Charismaa.

  363. JYOTHI says:

    Namaskaram SvBc channel team, my son TARAKNATH birthday on Feb 12, THE BEST GIFT IN MY LIFE IS MY SON BLESSED BY GOD…I THANK HIM EVERYDAY…

  364. S Sudhir kumar says:

    My sweet son Mohit birthday is March 16th

  365. Saswathrao says: on mobile satamanam Bhavani prog.dated 3/4/18 since we missed it.our names are there.

  366. Sujathapoornapragyan says:

    Can we send it by mail

  367. S G Narasimhan says:

    I had sent photos of my Son/Daughter in law to be telecast on 18th May 2018. We have not seen desired telecast of my son. We received the prasad/blessings in courier. When it will be telecasted? If not done, can it be done? Kindly do the needful Regards Narasimhan

  368. Karthick says:

    How to upload photos birthday wishes

  369. Ravi says:

    Can we send the photos in what’s app?

  370. RANGA RAMANUJAM says:

    Is there any chance to submit photo through online

  371. Lalitha says:

    How to register sathamanam bhavati program in my photo

  372. Sowmya says:

    Mybaby birthday wishes

  373. GOVARDHAN says:

    Dear sir/madam, can we send the photo for b’day wishes through mail.

  374. Krishna says:

    2018–8–13 my baby pranavi birthday

  375. Ajay Kumar B says:

    Hi sir….. i am srilatha Ajaykumar. My sweet daughter birthday is Aug 11 pls send wishes on the chanel

  376. Ajay Kumar B says:

    My daughter name is veronika her birthday is Aug 11 pls

  377. E KANNAIAH says:

    Dear sir/madam
    My daughter 1st birthday on next week August 7th (tuesday).How to end my baby photo for sathamanbavthi program.

  378. sumithra says:

    Hi , Please Provide Mail Id so that we can send photo & celebration Date through & easy method.. Sending through Sometimes u may get postal card after event Date


    I sent my son’s photo with details to receive prasadam on his birthday which is on 26.09.2018..I was looking for it but we have not received till today. I sent my son’s photo during last week of August 2018. May we get the prasadam from temple?

    My son name Arun Manikantan, Tiruchy, Tamilnadu..My mobile no. 99653 61161.


  380. K Mohan Rao says:

    Namo venkatesa
    What is the size of photo to send sathamana bhavathi

  381. v.jeyashree says:

    Can we write more than four or five relationship those who are wish to the child..

  382. DARANE SAAI SREE says:


  383. Sangamesh says:

    Give me mail I’d please

  384. Kalpana Patnaik says:

    Namste sir
    My daughter first birthday on 17 Dec 2018
    How to send her pic n details in ur channel for blessing

  385. adilakshmi says:

    birth day wishes to manoj reddy

  386. N kesKesa says:

    Programs are all super

  387. Banoth Shiva says:

    My son birthday 10/ sent details…mail adrres or postel adrres

  388. Munirathnam pothuraju says:

    My son Hasith Krishna 7th Birthday on 14/12/2018 please Blessings from Venkateshwara Swamy assisulu eppudu undalani korukuntanamu Amma Nanna Munirathnam pothuraju Syamala Anna Pranav Krishna pl send Blessings and prasad kunkam ashrvadhalu

  389. Kishore says:

    We want to pay any amount for Birthday wishes

  390. Kishore says:

    How we want to send the photo please tell me sir

  391. Varadarajan says:

    TODAY, 22nd Jan, I am told by the Shatamaanam bhavati, that the SMS system is discontinued. Contacted when SMS was not going. You have to send details by post 15 days prior to the date.
    For information.

  392. Prabhu says:

    Is there any option to send through email.

  393. Rangarajan Hariharan says:

    Can u pl upload the safhamanbhavathi program of SVBC 2 dated 11/03/2019 thr program we could not view.

  394. lavanya says:

    i have send photos and details but I didn’t receive return post ?

  395. Anandkalai says:

    Shatamanam Bhavathi …..
    My First wedding Anniversary (july 1) wishes to

  396. srinivas says:


  397. Venkat says:

    Which time is correct, 8-9 a.m or 8-30-9 am for Sathamanambhavathu.?

  398. Indra Prakash says:

    Dear sir,
    Om namo venkatesaya! 🙏
    Pranams !

    Kindly advise us, whether we can send photograph for birthday wishes thru WhatsApp for Sathamanam bhavathi program

    Thanks & regards

  399. M. Muniyasamy & M. Muthulakshmi says:

    Happy married life

  400. M. Muniyasamy & M. Muthulakshmi says:

    6.12.2019 wedding day to M. Muniyasamy & M. Muthulakshmi

  401. roshini says:

    what is the benefit of sending wishes by post to postal address?
    how to send photo if we send wishes by sms

  402. Jaya says:

    I had sent my sister’s photo (Geeta) to receive Lord venkateshwara blessing. Her birthday was on 28/02/2020. But it is not broadcast. I had sent the details 10 days in advance .

  403. Arumugasamy says:

    Lord Venkateshwara come to my house & wish my family through svbc-2 chanel

  404. Priyankasuresh says:

    Please give me mail address so that I can send my data to take the blessings of god

  405. Ramesh says:

    Hallo svbc channel 1st birthday date:17-07-2019 NAme:Thanvi Sri
    Dad:Srinivas mom:latha
    brother: Thanush mamaya:Ramesh
    From best wishes

  406. P Vijaya Sankararao says:

    Sir kindly arrange 30-06-20 satamanambhavati programme to see
    Upload the same

  407. B SREENIVASULU says:

    Sir my son birthday this month 23rd.but I will not send in photos because of to you send details sir

  408. Lavanya says:

    Before how many days we can send mail to convey wishes..pls tell me

  409. Lalitha says:

    Om Namo Venkatesaya! Devotees can share wishes through email to Sathamanam bhavathi
    email id:

  410. Parameswari says:

    Wish me on this july 12th its completed my birthday parameswari wish me my daughter 1st month birthday goldy baby

  411. Pradheeksha Jasti says:

    Madam my doughter birthday July 31 subhakankshalu telupagalaru amma jasti suneetha,nanna Vamsi Srikanth, nayanamma, peddamma chepagalaru

  412. Lakshmi prasad says:

    Surya Gowtham birthday on31 07 2020 PL wish him wishes by v Lakshmi Prasad (uncle) v Lakshmi Supriya ( maynatha)

  413. V KAAVYA says:

    I have posted my photo & details through mail on 15 th July 2020 for my birthday on 18th July 2020 but it was not telecasted In SATAMANAMBAVATHI program & I called the number which was given by ttd helpline number but that number was not responding & no one is replying. Pls do solve our query asap & intimate us about it.

  414. Bhanu & Karthika says:

    Happy Birthday to Vadranam Nageswara Rao

  415. K. RAMA SESHADRI BABU says:

    It would be convenient if photos are also accepted on line during these carona 19 days. Postal and courior services are getting delayed abnormally.

  416. Anitha Sakinala says:

    18 th September is the birthday of my brother sakinala Lalith Bhargav .so ,I request you to bless him in u r programme.

    Father name : venkateshwarlu
    Mother name: Anitha
    Sister name: Jyotsna

  417. Likith Aditya Rapeti says:

    Likith Aditya 2nd birthday on 25 October

  418. Vinay Rajanna says:

    Happy Birthday Kushwantha Khanna

  419. Pusa nanditha says:

    Hello good morning when submit our details for wishes

  420. Sai ram Kiran dakoju says:

    My mother and father marriage day 29/12/2020 sir photo ads vastara sir

  421. A. Rajeshwar Rao says:


    Can we send before 8 days pls., because we had forgotten, our anniversary date is on 24/02/21.

  422. venkatachalapathi n says:

    good svbc channel very very happy

  423. Raghavendra says:

    1 st year birthday
    ujjwal Nadiu
    in karapanahalli v.p .
    Bangarpet. T
    kolar. D
    karanataka 563162
    Con no 9008729876
    My son