Sharabha or Sharabheshwara Swamy, Avatar of Lord Shiva

Lord Sharabha

Lord Sharabha

Lord Sharabha is an avatar of Lord Shiva, who incarnated in the most powerful form than a lion to pacify Lord Narasimha Swamy. Lord Sharabha appeared like a huge bird with wings and strong beak. Sharabha Jayanthi falls in Vaisakha mass. Sharabha JAyanthi is an auspicious occasion for shaivaites.

Legend of Sharabha Avatar of Lord Shiva:

After demolishing Demon Hiranyakashapa, Lord Narasimha was very ferocious, roaring with anger, and it was impossible to stop him for all Gods and even for Prahlad, for whom Lord Narayana incarnated as Lord Narasimha and destroyed Hiranyakashapa.

To make Lord Narasimha calm and peaceful or to pacify him, all Gods went to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva manifested as Veerabhadra (one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva) and went to Lord Narasimha and asked him to be calm as he was an incarnated for Lok Kalyan (Universal peace). But Lord Narasimha refused Lord Veerabhadras words and told him to go away from the place.

Angered with Lord Narasimhas reply, Lord Veerabhadra spread his body up to the sky and spread all over the Universe. He made his lower half of the body as Sharabha (bird) and remained his upper half as it is.

Lord Sharabha (one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva), lifted Lord Narasimha with his tail and was about to hit him on to the space. Lord Narasimha realized his mistake and prayed to Lord Sharabha to forgive him. Sharabheswara knew that Lord Narasimha realized his mistake and will remain calm and forgiven Narasimha. Excited Narasimha removed his skin (Lions skin) and presented it to Lord Shiva. Thus, Lord Shiva was appeared in two avatars (Veerabhadra avatar and Sharabha avatar) to pacify Lord Narasimha.

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  1. N.Rajesh Kumar says:

    Your article is excellent to know about something new.
    I don’t know about sharabha this articles gives me good
    information about hinduism.

  2. lord nrshinga dev's servant says:

    please do not give people wrong information. the truth is that lord narashimmar is the supreme personality and other gods such as shiva, brahma they themselves pray to him.
    how is it possible wen maha lakshmi herself being the lord’s wife or we could possibly say the lords biggest devotee couldn’t even go near lord narahari how is it possible for shiva to do so?
    please do not teach people wrong information. do not give our own version of great Hinduism. i can prove what i am saying through many vedic literature such as the bagavad gita, srimad bagavadam and many more. if the information given here was true that shiva could actually lift lord narasimmar then show me the proof. tell me from which vedic literature u got this. Give it to me black n white. prove to me this article is true. you will never be able to cos wats a lie will remain a lie.
    hari om.

    • Raj says:

      The information given above is true and purely based on Shiv Puran and you are talking according to Vishnu Purana and Shri bhagwad geeta in which it is mentioned that no god was able to pacify lord narshimha so lord brahma requested Prahlada to worship lord Vishnu and after that Lord Narshimha comes to his original form.

    • p sivaramakrishna says:

      hari bol.
      base is there prabhu. complete pastime is described in shiva mahapuran written by none other thatn vedavyasa maharshi.Thing is that puranas are written according to theme that they should give faith in their favorite god. So no complaints from you should be accepted. All gods are equal.
      read the puranas of your favorite god and forget the rest.You cant do anything about it.

    • suni says:

      You are obsessed, why are separating Hindu’s true. about the sharabha story and accept it.ppl like u only Hindus are suffering in Hindustan.all Hindu gods are great

    • prt says:

      First f all want to say don’t discriminate between shiva and narayan they are holy powers and beyond our imagination and as far as shrabha story it is true .

  3. naresh kumar india says:

    who is saying that lord vishnu is the higher authority than lord shiva. I think they unaware of the Ancient text. if it is paltable to them go through Vishnu puran, Skand puran, bhgwat puran, narsinha puran and others. Make it clear from them.

    • Raj says:

      Dear Naresh none of them is superior from other although both lord Vishnu and lord Shiva are equally powerfull so it is not good to compare lord shiva and lord Vishnu as both of them are the devotee of each other i.e Lord shiva always medidates Lord vishnu and lord Vishnu medidates lord shiva

  4. Vishwa says:

    In some manifestations, Trimurthi – the three supreme Gods Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma, dominates one another. For instance, Lord Sri Rama worshipped Lord Shiva before the battle of Lanka (war with Ravana). At last, the good wins over evil. Shiva Thathwa and Vishnu Thathwa is same. All the Hindus (even all human beings) are equal…

  5. Shivam says:

    hey! rajesh, you should know something that Lord shiva and vishnu both do pooja of each other and both are devotees each other while the Bramha is lower than them and always prays them.

  6. kirthi kumar kalvakota says:

    We all know that “Sivaya vishnu roopaya,siva roopaya vishnave, sivasya hridayam vishnum,vishunusha hridayam sivam”. Then why unnecessary fight, as who is superior? Srishti, sthithi and layakaras are Thrmurthies.

  7. madhan mohan says:

    wen v go thro the four vedas,”rig veda-sri rudram,”yajur veda -“svetavastara upanishad”,”sama veda-“kena upanishad,”atharvana veda-“mundaka upanishad” one wil come to knw that lord shiva “the one supreme personality”also anusasana parva says the same.

  8. devotee says:

    in the brahma samhita its clearly stated
    ishwara param krishna, sat-chit-ananda vigraha, anadir adir govindaya, sarva karana karanam – meaning “Krishna who is known as Govinda is the Supreme Godhead. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes” in the padma purana lord shiv himself said to parvati that he is a great devotee of lord mahavishnu… Vishnu is supreme among all u can search in the scriptures and you’ll find it… We can address lord shiv or any other demigod as bhagavan or ishwar but param ishwar (the supreme god) is addressed to Krishna or vishnu only

    • Raj says:

      The superiority of gods i.e lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva varies according to the different mythological books .According to Shiva Purana lord shiva is superior and according to Vishnu Purana lord vishnu is superior so better to accept that both gods are equal and not to fight for the superiority of both these gods are both are the devotees of each other

  9. vijaykumar says:

    very interesting debate here is my thought>>>
    Rudra and Narayan are derivatives of ParaShiva and the brahmaanda is created by mother Shristi( Shakthi Devi). If you watch Bhakta prahlad film you can see that Narsimha says that Only shiva is supreme god and if anybody(like hiranyakashyap) claims himself as God then I am going to destroy him…I however donot agree that Narsimha was defeated by Sharabadeva because Narsimha is afterall Lord Narayan taking a form of Lion for protecting the Brahmanda (mother’s creation) and restablish dharma…Narayan is the most purest form of ParaShiva like Ghee which is so different from curd or buttermilk and yet derived from the same source(milk). Regarding Lord Veerabhadra he is the Param Vairagya chakravarthi unbounded by all kind of Maya even sansaaar which is bounding everybody else. He, the param vairaagya can only be materialistic to claim more powerful because he beleives in non being (parama Shunyaa- Nonthingness)…..
    One should also try to understand why lord narayan took the form of a Wild Boar to rescue Bhoomi(avataaar of Shakthidevi) ?because he beleives from his heart that , He is only a servant….who is there to keep the nature clean…

  10. 4m17 says:

    can u plz tl us in which scripture u hav seen thez things..i hpe ur source of info r nt films or tv serials which r done 4 commercial purposes 2 satisfy all classes of believers lol n v r misguiding n nisleading 2 people believeing in thoz gossips made 4 commerce. bkoz i hav never ever seen or heard abt such things in the scriptures..therez NEVER mentioned of NRSIMHA saying shiv is god n VARAHA never think hez the servant of shiv or watever..instead in the satvic puranas if i remember well its the padma purana, it is said tht all demigods including brahma praised NRSIMHA n addressed him as the destroyer of fact mother srishti u r saying is the inferior energy of MAHAVISHNU knwn as MAHAMAYA as mentioned in the Bhagavat purana, Brahma samahita n other puranas.n by the glance of MAHAVISHNU, SHIV(SHAMBHU) is born n he fertilizes MAYA..the milk n curd ur tlking abt is mentioned by Brahma in the Brahma samahita n its nt at all wat u r saying..He said if VISHNU is considered as milk then SHIV is considered as yogurt.we get yogurt from milk but we cannot extract milk from yogurt..v both r same n different simultaneously but the very source is VISHNU..again SHIV himself declared in many puranas, Bhagavatam n other vedic literatures tht He is the greatest devotee of KRISHNA or VISHNU..SHIV himself tld Parvati tht he meditates on his lord MAHAVISHNU..but therz not mention of VISHNU worshiping SHIV anywhere..VISHNU n SHIV r almost the same but the source n refuge of SHIV is VISHNU n not the contrary..MAHAVISHNU fertilises maya indirectly through SHIV..meaning SHIV is a plenary portion(or expansion) of MAHAVISHNU..all these n much more are mentioned in the vedic literatures..better read the scriptures 2 get the right info instead of believing in films n tv serials made only 2 make money in the name of religion..


      We follow Rudra samhita. Not lower valued brahma samhita.And it is the last thing that you want to know, i bet on it. vishnu,’s name is vishwa and shivas name is vishweswara. vishnu always prays to shiva who is root cause to him (shiva creted vishnu). all this is based on vedavyasas shiva mahapuran.shiva is jagannatha natha, vishnu vallabha etc.

  11. Brijesh joshi says:

    om shiva,

    I am Very exicted About Of Sharabha raj avtar of Lord shiva, And I want to know more details of sharabh raj

  12. Brijesh joshi says:

    i have Some nformation Of sharabh raj And Also i want to share with all those people,

    Sharabha raj have to two Wings, And Devi kali And Devi durga r in two wings,

    ( !!yasya smaran matren vairanam Samul kul nashanam !!) (jiske smaran matrase shatru ke samast kul ka nash ho jata hain)

    Thats means if we r worship of sharabha raj we will not face any probalam regarding our enemy.

  13. ram says:

    sri maha prathyangira devi , adishakthi / atharvana bhadrakali is said to have destroyed sarabeshwaras arogance, she is also known as narasimhika , she swallowed gandaberunda narasimhas avathar and cleaned him. to know more about all details google search for Sri maha prathyangira devi and also see search for sarabeshwara , all will defnitly get clear answers.

  14. T S SREEKANTH says:

    my dear athmas lord narayana is the supreme and all other gods or demons or all the universe is in him only. Narayana created brahma and brahma created shiva and vishnu and creator, preserver and destroyer.
    lord narasimha incarnation of lord vishnu and killed hiranyakasipu in the form of narasimha then veerabadra siva gana took sarabha body and went fight with narasimha and narasimha took gandaberunda form and killed this sarabha. This u can see at sri ranga temple trichy. Even in the three gods brahma, vishnu and siva, vishnu is most powerful than any other because he is of satva guna.
    But narayana is supreme there is no opposite or any energy without him. Understand that.

  15. ashutosh shukla(lord vishnu servent) says:

    true story ,lord narsimbha transformed into gandaberunda and he torn apart sarabha in a hundert pieces.then shri narasimhi
    9 shri ( laxmi )was only able to bring lord narsimbha back to his shanti form. i have done a lot of research on it.

  16. ashutosh shukla(lord vishnu servent) says:

    lord narsimbha ,transformed into gandaberunda tore apart sarabha.i have lot of information regarding this.

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      Please share such information with us.. It will be helpful for all of us..

      • ashutosh shukla(lord vishnu servent) says:

        from 1992 i started my reacherch on gandabherunda ,narsimbha and prathyangira devi . i visited many places and collected much rare and valuable information which are not known to every person . in A.P their is a ancient temple of asta mukha garundabherunda centerly located in forest . i will provide you some photos ,texts and scripts that will help you to know about lord narsimbha and lord sarabha fight . but i want to tell you all that lord narsimbha was not defeated or killed by sarabha . lord sarabha took narsimbha with the help of his legs and lord narsimbha realized that it was lord shiva . lord narsimbha joined his hand before lord sarabha but lord sarabha did not pay any attension to it and tried to tear lord narsimba. after that lord narsimbha created gandabherunda a two head bird . the gandabherunda was swallowed by prathyangira devi as a result lord narsimbha him self transformed in to asta mukha gandabherunda and tore sarabha . lord narsimbha became calm when devi sat on his lap.

  17. sanu says:

    hey did u read shri shri chandi there goddess durga says that s
    he is the eternal power of universe she gave brahma vishnu and mahesh their powers


    Calm down guys.. Truth is some thing which is to be discovered by self.Shaivas and vaishnavas always says things differently Do chanting and meditation on god and find out truth by yourself.

  19. Rishi says:

    First things first. Lord Ram never prayed to Lord Shiva. Its a false inclusion in the later versions of Ramayana. Pls refer to the original text of Ramayana wirtten by Rishi Balmiki. There is no such mention of Ram praying to Lord Shiva any where. It is only later in later versions that this apwaad came up… continue reading this comment Lord Ram never prayed to Lord Shiva?.

  20. sk says:

    Oh god pl help these poor souls who claim that their religions which they follow is great. It is pity that people go further to the level of claiming that, the god whom they worship is great.

    But I really feel for Lord Brahma who was always tormented in almost all puranas. Take the case of Shiv Purana, Lord Shiva beheads lord brahma’s one head.

    In Vishnu purana he is considered to be a person always running for help to his creator Lord Mahavishnu. Much worse is in Skanda Purana Lord Muruga puts him behind bar for not explaining the tatva of Pranava Mantra OM. Even lord Shiva was made to behave like a student in knowing the secret from Lord Skanda who actually originated from his third eye. Often we find in shiv purana that the incarnations of lord vishnu have always been dominated by lord shiva and established his supremacy. Lord Sarabeshwar for Lord Narasimha. Another one for Kurma Avatar. Halahala venom could not be taken by anyone except lord shiva. But if we see devi purana, that establishes devi as the supreme personality of godhead who created the trimurtis. It was prathyankira devi who aided Lord Sarabeshwar in subduing lord narasimha. Never get confused by the onesided puranas that always self-centre one particular god. If u read Lord Ganesh’s there u find Ganesh to be the main God. Never forget that God is one, that supreme soul was responsible for the creation of all the living beings(human-beings{hindus, christians, muslims, sikhs, buddhists, etc are governed by that supreme soul}).

    Some call Krishna, some Vishnu, some Shiva, some Sakthi, some Skanda, some Ganesha, Some Durga, Some Lakshmi, some Jehovah, some Jesus, some Mary, some Allah, some Buddha and the list goes on. The supreme soul is called by different names. Let’s not be diverted and divided by some exaggerations that appear in different mythologies.

  21. Puranik says:

    dont give this types of articles, everything is lie i dnt who mentiond this sharabheshwara role there is no any sharabheshwara in vedas,puranas & nobody mentioned earlier.dont confuse people & stop this noncense.

  22. Ramesh V says:

    Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva is One and the Same.

    Lord Vishnu is in Shiva Heart and Lord Shiva is in Visnus Heart.

    Shivaya Vishnu Roopaya & Shiva Roopaya Vishnu Roopaya…..

    Finally Shiva is Stronger than Lord Vishanu depending on circumstances & situation and Lord Vishnu is Stronger than Lord Shiva depending on circumstanced & situation.


  23. Shreedhar says:

    Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu play their games to kill demons. Point is not to prove who is strong. They never tried to pro ve that they are the strongest. They always did their best for “Loka Kalyana”. Please stop thinking who is strongest. Even if you pray Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva, they wont bless you to prove their strengths but rather on deeds what you do. Trust and belief on the any god you pray is required.

  24. shakthi says:

    Any one can help me gandanbarunda narashima and sharabheswara photos and pooja please

  25. Mukesh says:

    who was lord shivas ansh but his biggest enemy

  26. Rajatanabhi says:

    Lord Shivas avatara who was his greatest enemy

  27. Vasudev says:

    who is the strongest enime of lord shiva

  28. Hemlata says:

    who is the biggest enemy of lord shiva

  29. Surabhi says:

    who is the biggest enemy of lord shiva ?

  30. Sabri says:

    who is the bigest enemy of lord shiva

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    who is the biggest enemy on lord shiva

  33. Abhisarika says:

    who is lord shivas greatest enemy his own ansh according to shivpuran

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    Who is the lord shiva biggest enemy shivpuran

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    info about the biggest enemy of lord shiva

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  40. Jiya says:

    biggest enemy of lord shiva in shiv mahapuran

  41. Varad says:

    which demon was considered as the greatest enemy of lord shiva ?

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  44. Kaarikaa says:

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    who was the grearest enemy of lord shiva

  46. Phiroza says:

    Which ansh avatars of Lord Shiva becomes enemy of Lord Shiva

  47. Mansi says:

    lord shiva praise lord krishna as the supreme

  48. Chanchareek says:

    who is the biggest enemy of lord mahadev in vedas

  49. Yashawini says:

    who is the ansh of lord shiva s big enemy

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    who was biggest enemy of mahadeo according to shiv puran