Shani Transition 2013, 2014 – Saturn Transition Predictions, Sani Peyarchi, Shani Vakri, Effect of Shani on different Rashis or Moon Signs

Shani Transition 2013, 2014, Saturn Transition Predictions 2013-2014, Sani Peyarchi 2013-2014, Shani Peyarchi Palangal 2013-2014, Shani Panoti 2013-2014.

Saturn Transit, Shani Sankramanam, Shani Peyarchi or Shani Gocharam means the Saturn’s transition from one Rasi (zodiac sign) to the next zodiac. Usually, Shani Transition occurs once in 2.5 years. In 2011-2014 periods, Shani’s transition is very significant as Sani transits into Tula Rashi which is the exalted zodiac for Saturn. Shani is the Planet which spends longest time in each zodiac than any other graha in our Navagrahas.

As per Drik Panchang Siddhantha (Thirukanitham), Shani transits into Tula Rashi from Kanya Rashi on November 15, 2011. But in Vakkyam Almanac of South India (mainly Tamil Nadu & Kerala), Shani Peyarchi will happen on December 21, 2011 from Kanni rasi to Tulam rashi. Drik Panchang is widely used but temples celebrate Shani Peyarchi mentioned as per Vakkyam Almanac.

Shani Peyarchi 2011 – Shani Peyarchi 2014 (Saturn Transit on 21st Dec. 2011 to 16th Dec. 2014) in Vakkiya Panchang & from 14 November 2011 in Drik Panchanga siddhantham. Shani settles in Thula rasi (Libra zodiac) during this period. The entire period is divided into three phases:

Shani traverse through Chitra Nakshatram in Thula (Libra Zodiac): December 2011 to November 2012

Shani traverse through Swathi in Nakshatra Thula Rasi (Libra Zodiac): November 2012 to December 2013

Shani travers through Visakha Nakshatram in Thula Rasi (Libra Zodiac): December 2013 to December 2014.

Shani Gochara Phases – Retrograde (Shani Vakri – Vakra Gathi) & Combust phases:

From 8 February 2012 to 14 May 2012: Retrograde Shani (Shani Vakri)

From 15 May 2012 to 25 June 2012: Retrograde in Kanya (Shani Vakri in Kanya – Virgo)

9 October 2012 to 11 November 2012: Shani in Combust phase

19 February 2013 to 8 July 2013: Shani in Retrograde (Shani Vakri)

23 October 2013 to 23 November 2013: Shani in Retrograde phase

3 March 2014 to 21 July 2014: Retrograde Shani (Shani in Vakra Gathi)

2 November 2014 to the end of Saturn’s gamanam in Thula: Shani in Combust phase

How Shani Transit 2011-2014 affects the natives of 12 Rashis – Effect of Shani Gocharam on each Rashi

  1. Mesha Rashi (Medam rasi – Aries): Bad phase than the past. Read more for the effects of Shani Transit on Mesha Rashi natives..
  2. Vrishabha Rashi (Edavam rasi – Taurus): It marks the beginning of auspicious and profitable ventures and actions. Read more for Shani transition effects on Vrishbha rashi natives…
  3. Mithuna rasi (Mithunam – Gemini): Due to Kantaka Sprusha Shani, it is not a good phase. (Free from Athastama Shani). Read more for Shani Transition effects on Midhuna rasi natives..
  4. Karka rasi (Karkataka, Karkadakam – Cancer): Beginning of Dayya (2 ½ years of Shani phase) (Ardhashtama Shani begins). Read on for Shani Peyarchi results for Karkataka rasi natives…
  5. Simha rasi (Chingam rasi – Leo): Gets rid of Sadesati (7 ½ years of Shani phase). Read more for what Shani Transit brings for Simha rasi natives
  6. Kanya rasi (Kanni rasi – Virgo): The last phase of Sadesathi (Jenma Shani frees, Patha Sani begins). Effects of Shani transit on Kanya rasi natives..
  7. Thula rasi (Tula rasi – Libra): Beginning of second phase or charan of Sade saati. Jenma Shani begins. Mathima Sani. Effects of Shani Sankramana on Thula rasi natives…
  8. Vrischika rasi (Vruschigam rasi – Scorpio): First phase of Sadesati begins.. Impact of Saturn transit on Vrischigam rasi natives…
  9. Dhanussu rasi (Dhanu rasi – Sagittarius): Shani gocharam in this phase fetches auspicious results… Effect of Shani Transition on Dhanu rashi natives…
  10. Makar rasi (Makaram rasi – Capricorn): It is not fully auspicious phase. Shani transit effects on Makara rashi natives..
  11. Kumbh rasi (Kumbham rasi – Aquarius): Gets rid of Dayya (2 ½ years of Shani phase) but, it is not an auspicious phase. Ashtama Shani frees. How will be the Shani transition for Kumbha rashi natives..
  12. Meena rasi (Meenam – Pisces): Enters into Dayya. Ashtama Shani begins. The impact of Saturn Transit on Meena rashi natives..

Overview on this Shani Transit once again:

This Saturn transit is auspicious for Vrishabha, Simha and Dhanu rasi natives

As this Shani transit gives more auspicious results as Shani enters into its exalted zodiac (Tula rasi).

Shani Gocharam as Saturn’s leg or Pada:

Shani Gocharam with Rajatha pada (Silver leg) for: Vrishabha rasi, Tula rasi & Kumbh rasi natives

Shani Gocharam with Swarna pada (Golden pada) for: Mithuna, Simha & Makara rasi natives

Shani gocharam with Iron pada (Iron leg) for: Karka, Vrischika & Meena rasi natives

Shani gocharam with Thamra pada (Copper leg) for: Mesha, Kanya & Dhanu rasi natives

Along with the Shani Peyarchi results, Hindupad also provides the detailed information on predictive astrology and remedies.

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