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Kumbha rashi is 11th among 12 Rashi system in Hindu Astrology and all other Astrology theories. The predictions for Shani Transit (Saturn Transition) from Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) to Makara Rashi (Capricorn) are given here for the natives of Aquarius or Kumbha rashi.

In 2020-2023 periods, Shani transits into Makara Rashi (Capricorn). Shani is the Planet which spends longest time in each zodiac than any other graha in our Navagrahas.

On 24 January 2020 at 9.50 AM, Shani enters into Makara Rashi by stepping into Uttarashada Nakshatra. Shani becomes retrograde on 11 May 2020.

Effects of Shani Transit 2022-2023 on Kumbha Rashi

For Kumbha Rashi natives the Saturn Transit in Makara Rashi will bring mixed results. Due to Shani’s transit in 12th house from natal sign, you will be entering into Sade Sati (7.5 years of Shani’s malefic zone).

Saturn Transit into 12th house will bring mixed results to Kumbha Rashi natives. Financial loss, wasteful expenditure, mental worries, ill health, eyes troubles, problem from enemies and opponents, even friends behave like enemies, problem from govt, decision of litigation case not in favour, foreign travel.

Kumbha Rashi people are under the influence of Sadi Shani and the last few years are not going well for most people. However, this Shani transition will give you some relief for more than six months. You need to make the best out of this time till January 2023 and cover up all the mistakes of past few years. It is the best time to settle down in your career and make important moves in financial aspects. You can even plan auspicious events if your horoscope is having the support of Guru and other planets.

Kumbha Rashi Shani Transit 2022-2023 Predictions for Health

The last few years would have troubled you a lot with many health issues. This is the right time to recover from those illness and you need to get appropriate treatment from professionals. Avoid smoking and alcohol at any cost as you are running through Sadi Shani and these negative habits will give exaggerated results for your health. Practice Yoga and meditation to avoid the stress and gain good health.

Kumbha Rashi Shani Transit 2022-2023 Predictions for Family

This is the best time to reunite with your family members and avoid disputes. The next six months are looking good for Kumbha Rashi people and you can plan auspicious events like marriage or buying a new home as per your horoscope. You will get the complete support of your family members in this phase. You may also spend money on travel and other activities with your family members.

Kumbha Rashi Shani Transit 2022-2023 Predictions for Marriage

Kumbha Rashi people who are looking forward to getting married need to hurry up as the situation is conducive for the next few months till January 2023. If you miss this period, you may have to wait for a long time to get the right muhurat. If you are in a committed relationship, get the blessings of your elders and think about getting married when your horoscope has good support from Guru.

Kumbha Rashi Shani Transit 2022-2023 Predictions for Career

The last few  years would have been very difficult for your career. The next few months after this Shani transition will give you some relief. Make the best out of this situation and settle down in your job. You may face more troubles after January 2023. Take advantage of this phase and change jobs if  you find a better opportunity. Get the support of your team members in this phase and excel in your career.

Kumbha Rashi Shani Transit 2022-2023 Predictions for Finance

There will be lot of expenses especially in the last quarter of 2022. However, most of it will be towrads auspicious events in your family. Avoid getting into new ventures after January 2023. If you have any debts, it is better to clear them before the end of 2022 as things are not looking great after January 2023 and you are dealing with malefic Shani since the last few years.


Due to Shani’s presence in 12th house from your Janma Rashi, you may not enjoy the fullest aspect of luck. To mitigate the negative effects and to get auspicious results you need to do..

Mantra Jaap:


Chant the above mantra at least 11 times a day.

Rudraksha Dharana

Wear Seven Mukhi Rudraksha in locket / chain on Monday or any other Shubh muhurat.

Wear a ring of Neelam (Blue Sapphire) with weight of 5 Carat or more to Right hand’s Middle finger.

Puja / Vrat

  1. Do Shiva Upasana.
  2. Do Shani Chalisa Parayana for better results.
  • Do good deeds.
  • Do serve the old and ill people.

Saturn Transit Phases – Retrograde & Combust phases

Saturn in Uttarashada Nakshatra: 24 January 2020 to 11 May 2020

Saturn Retrograde in Uttarashada Nakshatra: 11 May 2020 to 29 September 2020

Saturn in Uttarashada Nakshatra: 29 September 2020 to 21 January 2021

Saturn in Shravana Nakshatra: 21 January 2021 to 23 May 2021

Saturn Retrograde in Shravana Nakshatra: 23 May 2021 to 11 October 2021

Saturn in Shravana Nakshatra: 11 October 2021 to 17 February 2022

Saturn in Dhanishta Nakshatra: 17 February 2022 to 28 April 2022

Saturn in Dhanishta Nakshatra:: 28 April 2022 to 5 June 2022 (Kumba Rashi)

Saturn Retrograde in Dhanishta Nakshatra (Kumba Rashi): 28 April 2022 to 14 July 2022

Saturn Retrograde in Dhanishta Nakshatra: 14 July 2022 to 23 October 2022

Saturn in Dhanishta Nakshatra: 23 October 2022 to 16 January 2023

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