Shani in Lagna, Saturn in 1st house

Shani in Lagna, Saturn in 1st house. What indicates Saturn in Lagna or Shani Bhagavan in 1st House?

When Saturn is in 1st house it is considered three times malefic when it is bad, otherwise it will be excellent for childhood, youth and old age.

When Venus, Saturn or in 1st house they form a crow line. When House No. 7 and 10 are blank it becomes a fish line. Crow line affects wealth but gives long life to the native. If the native drinks, philanders or constructs house Rahu Ketu will give lifelong discomfort. When Mercury is poor it will give trouble in completing education.

Note: Lagna (Lagnam or Ascendant) is the first moment of contact between the soul and its new life on the earth. It is the most important aspect in Vedic astrology when it is considered in a person’s birth chart or Janma Kundali.

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