Shani in 8th House, Saturn Effects in 8th House

Shani in 8th House, Saturn Effects in 8th House. What are the Positive effects, Negative effects of having Shani in 8th House?

When Saturn is in 8th house, mercury and Rahu Ketu will determine the effect of Saturn in House No. 8. If there are enemy planets adjoining Saturn it will yield malefic results. The effect of Saturn will be like that of Mars in the chart. If the 12th house is blank it indicates lifelong misery.

Positive effects of Saturn in 8th house

When Saturn is in 8th house the native will be proud and self-confident. Generally effects of Saturn in a house will be doubtful. Saturn in 8th house is considered being in its headquarters and it will behave like a snake in its hole delivering death warrants like judge. Saturn will rely on its agents Rahu and Ketu.

Mercury and Rahu Ketu will determine the behaviour of Saturn. When Saturn is alone, the items of Saturn will give malefic effects. As a remedy, keeping a piece of silver will help the native to get positive results.

Negative effects of Saturn in 8th house

If the native is addicted to alcohol, it will poison the Saturn even more and destroy him. If there are many planets along with Saturn in the 8th house, it indicates more deaths.

When Sun, Moon, Mars or in House No. 8, 9 there will be numerous deaths. It also indicates the damage of eyesight in old age.

When House No. 12 is blank it indicates lifelong misery and poverty. The relatives of the native will also suffer due to the negative effects.

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  1. Arshdeep Singh says:

    If 12th house blank and saturn in 8th house…then lifelong misery….ok but plz tell remedy also…in my chart Saturn-ketu in 8th and 12th empty