Shani in 7th House, Saturn Effects in 7th House

Shani in 7th House, Saturn Effects in 7th House. What are the Positive effects, Negative effects of having Shani in 7th House?

When Saturn is in 7th house the native will neither have respect nor knowledge like his forefathers.

Venus is considered the foundation of Saturn and its power will become 7 times. He will be prosperous and have power but there is no guarantee of land.

If the native is of charitable nature it will bring in prosperity, otherwise he will be a poor person.

When mercury or other enemy planets are in House No. 3, 7, 10 it will harm the father and wealth. When Moon is malefic Saturn also will get adversely affected.

Positive effects of Saturn in 7th house

The native will accumulate wealth by unfair means and good prosperity is assured. He will get the support of government and superiors when Venus will enhance the benefic effects of Saturn.

If the native helps other people’s wealth will increase. He will be very clever and efficient in his work. He will travel frequently and this will yield beneficial results for him. A pillar in the house will be an indicator of benefic Saturn. The effect of both Jupiter and Saturn will be highly benefic and the native will be very rich.

Negative effects of Saturn in 7th house

When Saturn is in House No. 5 or 7 and 7, Moon or Mars is in 7th house during transit it will have adverse effect on the health of the native. If the native has affairs with other women there will be loss of progeny and money. When Mars, Moon, Venus are weak his life will be full of misery.

When Moon is malefic, Saturn will also become malefic and he will have to struggle hard for wealth and be affected with diseases of the head. When mercury is in House No. 7 during transit the eyesight of the native may be damaged.

When mercury or Sun, Moon, Mars in House No. 3, 5, 7, 10 the lifespan, well, ancestral property of the native will be adversely affected.

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