Shani in 6th House, Saturn Effects in 6th House

Shani in 6th House, Saturn Effects in 6th House. What are the Positive effects, Negative effects of having Shani in 6th House?

Saturn in House No. 6 will aspect the House No. 2 inversely and does not do any harm to House No. 10. The effect of Saturn will be as that of Ketu positioned in the chart.

If mercury and Ketu are not malefic the native will not be childless. If the native marries before the age of 28 it will make the moon, Venus, Ketu malefic.

Ketu in House No. 10 is beneficial for travel. After the age of 42, Saturn will become excellent and give good results.

Positive effects of Saturn in 6th house

The snake of Saturn is able to see in daytime only and during night it will be blind. Hence works related to Saturn should be done during night time to get beneficial results.

Ketu will determine the effect of other planets as per the direction of Saturn. Wherever Ketu is present, the effect of Saturn will go there. During transit when Saturn comes to good house it becomes a protector.

After the age of 42 Saturn will give excellent results even if Sun in House No. 12. Saturn will wipe out all misfortune.

When sun is in House No. 12 Venus will be in full bloom and wife will be happy. When Saturn is in a good house it will give beneficial results and positively affect Jupiter and Mercury.

Negative effects of Saturn in 6th house

Bad condition of items of Saturn like leather shoes, articles made of iron will give the indication of the malefic condition of Saturn. If the person is used to alcohol then it will make his life miserable. The matters relating to court and police will be adversely affected and give trouble to the native.

If the person marries before the age of 28 it will yield negative results. Mercury will become afflicted and this will cause damage to mother and children even though the native may not be affected.

If Mars is in House No. 2 elder brother and father will be adversely affected and maternal uncle may become blind.

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