Shani in 2nd house, Saturn in Dhana Bhava

Shani in 2nd house, Saturn in Dhana Bhava, What indicates Saturn in 2nd House or Shani Bhagavan in Dhana Sthana?

When Saturn is in 2nd house the native should visit temple by barefoot and seek the blessings of God. This very dilutes the effects of coming adversity. When the marriage is fixed fire breaks out in in-laws house.

When Jupiter is in House No. 11 it will give him bad reputation in the society.

When Sun is in 12th house the native will become a gambler and lack self-confidence.

The 7th house determines the wealth and the 8th house determines the length of life of the native.

What is 2nd House in Horoscope?

This house is also called the house of wealth and it indicates the earnings of the native and his ancestral wealth. It also indicates his education, food taste, inclinations, family members. The face, teeth, tongue, nose, nails are indicated by this house. Read more about the Second House

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