Shani in 11th House (Saturn in Labha Bhava)

Shani in 11th House (Saturn in Labha Bhava)…When Saturn is 11th house the native will have the ability to write his own fate. He is able to stay away from evil in his life. Saturn will decide the behavior of Rahu Ketu in the horoscope.

Saturn will become dormant if 2nd or 3rd house is poor or blank. When it is in the 1st house he will be very lucky and have a long life of 84 years.

When Mercury is afflicted or poor, Saturn will become useless.

When Sun, Mars is in House No. 10 and Moonies in House No. 6 he will enjoy royal treasures.

A south facing door will destroy the wealth and flirtations will make the Saturn malefic throughout the life.

When Mercury is poor it indicates the poor condition of daughter and other items connected with Mercury.

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