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Shaka Vrata Procedure – Sankalpa, Samarpana Mantram

Shaka Vrata is the vratha to be observed during the first month in Chaturmas Vrata. It begins on Shukla Paksha Ekadashi in Ashada Month and ends on Shukla Dashami in Shravana Month.

Sankalpa Mantra and Samarpana Mantra are the main Mantras chanted at the beginning and the concluding of the vrata respectively.

Shakavratha sankalpa Mantra..

Shaakavratam mayaadeva gruhitam puratastava |

Nirvignam siddhimaayaatu prasaadaat tava keshava ||

Food items to avoided…

All types of vegetables, fruits, stems, leaves and branches (the plant based foods).

Permitted food items..

All grains, daals, curds, milk, and everything except plant based foods.

Shaka Samarpana Mantra

This mantra is chanted during Shaka Samarpana (at the end of Shaka Vratha)..

Upaayamidam deva vratasampurti hetave |

Shaakam tu dvijavaryaaya sahiranyan dadaamyahan |

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