Shailaputri Temple, Varanasi

Shailaputri Aarti no-watermark

Shailaputri Aarti no-watermark

Maa Shailaputri is one among the Nava Durgas, and her temple is located at Kashi, Varanasi, and the eight other forms of Ma Durga temples are also located at Varanasi, such as Ma Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayini, Kaalratri, Siddhidhatri and Mahagauri. This is an ancient temple and it is the main temple of Maa Shailaputri. Since she was born as the daughter of Himavan, the king of Himalayas, she is known as Shailaputri.

During the festival of Navratri, huge crowd would be gathered in this temple, and especially the newly wedded couples used to come to the temple of Maa Shailputri for their well-being. In this temple, devotees offer sweet items along with flowers and fruits, to the holy mother.

During festival times, people would also come from faraway places, in order to worship the divine mother Maa Shailaputri. Since this temple is located at the sacred place of Varanasi, which is considered as the holy abode of Lord Shiva, those who worships here would get proper remedy for their problems.

Whoever worships this temple during Navaratri, they would get rid from all of their troubles. As per ancient legend, the holy mother Shailaputri came to Kashi from Kailash, since she felt that the place is very calm and good, and hence, she permanently stayed at this temple, and fulfills the wishes of her devotees.

Three times of aarti is taken for Mata Shailputri, along with honey. In this form, she had done severe penance on Lord Shiva, in order to gain more spiritual powers.

There is a famous Devi Shailaputri Mantra, which must be recited by us on a daily basis.


“Vande Vanchhit Laabhaay, Chandrardh kritshekharaam |
Vrisharudham Shooldharaam Shailputriim Yashaswinim ||”


‘I worship Ma Shailaputriin order to fulfill my wishes, and she is the one, who is adorned with the beautiful moon on her head, rides on a bull, carrying a trident and she looks very beautiful.’

Whoever chants this mantra would be protected by Ma Shailaputri from threats, and she would give great boldness, wisdom and knowledge to us.


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