Seventh House in Horoscope (Jaya, Kalyana Bhava in Vedic Astrology)

The Seventh House in Horoscope is also known as the Marriage House. This house indicates the sexual desires, marriage, children, business partnerships, litigation, travel, respect in society and other aspects of the native.

The seventh house is also called the Jaya Bhava and gives an indication of the nature of the spouse, partnership in business and issues related to travel. The lower urinary tract, anal canal, semen, prostrate are represented by this house.

Here, the information on what are the positive effects (effects if planets are benefic) and negative effects (effects if planets are malefic) is given.

Effects of Sun in Seventh House : When Sun is benefic, the native will occupy a high position in the government and have good earnings. Malefic Sun will bring diseases and loss of peace of mind.

Effects of Moon in Seventh House : When Moon is benefic, it will bring highly beneficial results and the native will have lots of wealth. Malefic Moon will create conflicts between the wife and the mother and disturb the family life of the native.

Effects of Mercury in Seventh House : When Mercury is benefic, the words of the native will come true and he will get good support from his wife. Malefic Mercury will create problems in business.

Effects of Venus in Seventh House : When Venus is benefic, the native will lead a comfortable life and enjoy good wealth. Malefic Venus will affect the wife and family life adversely.

Effects of Mars in Seventh House : When Mars is benefic, the native will have wealth, property and a good family life. Malefic Mars will affect the peace of mind of the native.

Effects of Jupiter in Seventh House : When Jupiter is benefic, the native will prosper after marriage and get involved in religious works. Malefic Jupiter will create problems in family life.

Effects of Saturn in Seventh House : When Saturn is benefic, the business related to iron and machinery will be profitable. Malefic Saturn will drive him to adultery and alcohol.

Effects of Rahu in Seventh House : When Rahu is benefic, the native will be rich and victorious over his enemies. Malefic Rahu will make his marriage inauspicious and business connected with electrical equipment will end up in losses.

Effects of Ketu in Seventh House : When Ketu is benefic, the native will enjoy lots of wealth. Malefic Ketu will invite trouble through enemies and children may be adversely affected.

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