Scorpio Predictions 2023 | Vrischika Rashi 2023 Horoscope



This year will give you mixed results as things are good for your finances and career to a major extent. There are some minor issues related to family problems and you should also focus on your health. This year is not conducive for marriage and avoid taking hasty decisions as you may have to regret them in the future. Wait for the right opportunities to come your way.


This is not a good time to expect very good earnings and you have to be careful while handling money. Avoid unwanted expenses as you need to save money for difficult times. Your earnings may see some improvement after April. However, it is better to avoid any sort of investment for the entire year. You should also be careful while dealing with partnerships as this can backfire and cause you problems in the long run.


This is a year of mixed results for your family life. Newly married couples may welcome a child to the family. Even though you have cooperation from elders and siblings in your family, there are chances of conflicts with few members. It is better to avoid arguments as this can lead to stress and create further problems. Wait till the end of the year to resolve issues in a peaceful manner.


You need to have patience when it comes to marriage. This is not the right time and your elders or others may create some problems in this area. It is better to avoid rushing into marriage as things will resolve on their own after this year. Wait for the right time and try to improve your social life to attract the right kind of life partner in future.


Even though there are no major complications seen for most part of the year, you should be careful about your eating habits and lifestyle. The initial part of the year will be smooth and issues may crop up after April. Do not neglect minor issues as they can become big in the long run. Eat a healthy diet and avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol when you are facing health problems.


You will be able to excel in your career with your hard work and talent. There is no need to worry about competition as the planetary movement is in your favour. You will be able to fare better if you focus on improving your skills in your chosen field. It is the right time to get help from your team members and superiors to move ahead in your career.

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