Sashvaty Angirasi | Daughter of Angiras Rishi

Ma Sashvaty angirasi was mentioned in the Rig Veda (8.1), and she has also contributed some chapters in the Rig Veda. Sashvaty Angirasi was the daughter of the famous Angiras Maharishi, who was well known in Vedas, Shastras and other Holy Scriptures of Hinduism. She is the grand-daughter of Lord Brahma, and she was talented in singing, dancing and penning of Bhakti songs on Lord Vishnu. She is considered to be an incarnation of Ma Saraswathi, the noble consort of Lord Brahma, and she contains good knowledge in all Vedic subjects.

She has performed severe penance on Lord Vishnu, and as a result she has attained great spiritual powers.She also had invented many Vedic Mantras, which is still chanted by the Vedic scholars. She used to conduct Homams in order to please the divine deities like Indra, Agni, Vayu, Varuna, Surya, Chandra and Yama.

Though she was considered as a divine avatar, she was very kind and affectionate with others, and showed motherly affection on everyone in the world.She also shared her Vedic knowledge with others, and she has done selfless service to the society.


1. God doesn’t find any differentiation with his creations.

2. Have sincere faith on the god, or otherwise, you would have to suffer from troubles and turmoil in your life.

3. Don’t question about the existence of the god. God’s power is filled up throughout the universe. If you show sincere bhakti on the almighty, you would be protected by him.

4. Show your kindness even to your enemies.

5. Conquer all of your bad habits by chanting the names of the god.

6. Don’t worry about your future. God would have already written a bright future for you in your fate.

7. Spread your spiritual knowledge amongst the masses.

8. Let your body organs chant the names and sing the songs and the glories of the god.

9. Bury your worries by surrendering yourself at the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu.


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