Sarparajni is believed to have incarnated in this earth before 5000 years ago, and she was a great Shaivite female sage, who had contributed some portions of texts in the Rig Veda (10.189). She was born in a pious Brahmin family, and she was a great scholar. Her parents were also ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, and they have brought up their daughter in a nice manner. She has also penned beautiful songs on Lord Shiva, and considered him as her only saviour.

It is believed that she didn’t marry anyone, due to her great Shiva Bhakti. Many kings were attracted with her beauty and approached her parents for marrying her. But Ma Sarparajni had rejected the proposals of the kings, and remained alone till the end of her life. She has performed miracles in the lives of the people, and removed the fear in their mind, and inculcated the “SHIVA BHAKTI” in the minds of the people.

She also preached the “SHIVA MAHA PURANAM” amongst the people in public gatherings and made the people to taste the essence of “SHIVA NAMA”. She lived for more than a century, and finally reached the abode of Lord Shiva.

Some of the wonderful verses from her divine poems are as follows:-

1. Lord Shiva is the master of all the gods and he alone discharges the creation, protection and destruction duties.

2. We cannot get the eternal bliss without chanting the Shiva Mantra, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”.

3. Why people are unnecessarily worrying about their personal problems, without knowing that Lord Shiva would kill all of the problems in their lives.

4. Oh! My Lord Shiva! Please take me to your abode, since I am not interested to live in this materialistic world.

5. Oh! Shiva, you have been called by many names by your devotees, and you cannot be destroyed by anyone in this universe.

6. Let all of the people in the entire earth, praise the glory of Lord Shiva, and let them get salvation after their death.

7. Even the divine attendant of Shiva, the great Lord Nandi Bhagavan, cannot fully describe the significance of Lord Shiva.

8. Let my each and every breath sing in praise of Lord Shiva, and chant his mantras.

9. Let Lord Shiva touch the heads of all of his devotees, and remove their sins.


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