Santoshi Mata | Goddess Santoshi Maa

santoshi mata jayanthi

santoshi mata jayanthi

Santoshi Mata is a Hindu goddess. She is described as “the Mother of Satisfaction”. Santoshi Mata is particularly worshipped by women of North India and Nepal. Santoshi Mata vrata is mostly performed by women for fulfilling their wishes.

Santoshi Mata vrata was gaining popularity with North Indian women and nowadays also among South Indian women. Santoshi Mata images and shrines are popular in Hindu temples.

Observance of Fasting

The Santoshi Mata fasting is to be observed on 16 successive Fridays, or until one’s wish is fulfilled. The devotee should perform a worship on Santoshi Mata and offer her flowers, and a bowl of raw sugar. The devotee who is performing the puja has to wake up early in the morning, remembering the Goddess. Only one meal must be taken during the fasting day, and devotees must avoid eating sour food and serving these to others. When the wish is granted, a devotee must then organise a ceremony, where eight boys are to be served as a festive meal.

In this type of worship, the devotee should not do bad things to others. By means of this fasting, one can live happily in their life. This fasting teaches the devotee to spread happiness among others.


There are temples all over India and abroad where Principal deity is Mata Santoshi.

1. Harinagar,Delhi(NCR)

2. Jai Nagar, Trichy (Tamil Nadu)

3. Chakradharpur (Jharkhand)

4. LallSagar, Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

Santoshi Mata Vrat Katha – Story of the Vrata

The vratakatha is as follows: An old woman had seven sons, the youngest son was irresponsible, hence she served him the leftovers of his brother’s meals as his daily meal. The wife of the youngest son got to know this and told her husband. Then he left the house to seek his fortune. He acquired work with a merchant and became wealthy, but forgot about his wife. His wife was insulted by her in-laws in the absence of her husband. Once, she came to know about the 16-week Santhoshi Mata vrata and performed it. As a result, Santoshi Mata appeared in her husband’s dream and informed him of his wife’s plight. He returned home wealthy and set up a separate household with his wife.


Observing fast by praying Maa Santhoshi Mata will definitely yield good results. Even I have heard about this. Nowadays people in Chennai also are observing fast and getting good results. She will definitely answer to our prayers, if we perform the fast with good intention and with great devotion to the holy mother.

Let us pray to the holy mother for our welfare, and chant the nama of Maa Santhoshi Mata.


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