Santoshi Mata | Goddess Santoshi Maa

santoshi mata jayanthi

Santoshi Mata is a Hindu goddess. She is described as “the Mother of Satisfaction”. Santoshi Mata is particularly worshipped by women of North India and Nepal. Santoshi Mata vrata is mostly performed by women for fulfilling their wishes. Santoshi Mata vrata was gaining popularity with North Indian women and nowadays also among South Indian women. […]

Santoshi Mata Jayanti | Goddess Santhoshi Jayanthi

santoshi mata jayanthi

Santoshi Mata Jayanti celebrates the birthday of Goddess Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Mata Jayanthi is celebrated on Shravan Purnima, also known as Rakhi Pournima. In 2020, Santoshi Maa Jayanti date is August 3. Santoshi Mata is recent Hindu Goddess, popularly worshipped by devotees for contentment and prosperity in life. Santoshi Maa is considered as an emblem […]

Santhoshi Mata ki Aarti

Santhosi Mata Ki Aarti is chanted during the end of Santoshi mata Puja. Goddess Santoshi Mata is considered as an aspect of Goddess Lakshmi (Shakti). Santhosi Mata Ki Aarti begins as ‘Jai Santhosi Maa, Maiya Jai Santhosi Mata’…. Here are the lyrics of Santhoshi Mata Aarti…. Jai Santhoshi maa, Maiya Jai Santhoshi Mata, Apne sevaka […]