Santhana Ganapathi Pooja (Ganesha Sadhana to beget children)

Lord Ganapathi

Lord Ganapathi

Santhana Ganapathi Pooja, Santhana Ganapathi Pooja vidhanam, how to do Santhana Ganapathi Pooja?

Santhana Ganapathi Pooja is one of the Ganesha Sadhana to beget children. The couple those who are want to beget children can perform this Pooja on Ganesh Chaturthi (Vinayaka Chavithi) day.

Santhana Ganapathi Pooja Procedure

Perform ceremonial bath in the early morning on Ganesh Chaturthi and wear Yellow colour clothes.

Prepare the Puja room as you do for every important pooja.

Sit facing East direction in the puja room and install Ganesha idol on the stand in opposite to you.

Spread red cloth and keep a plate on it. Draw a ‘Swastik’ on the plate with Kumkum and write Shubh (Shubham) and Labh (Labham).

In the middle of the plate, place a large chunk of Akshatas and install Ganapathi Yantra over there. Place Ganapathi locket, one Laghu Narikela (Laghu Nariyal) and a Japamala in the plate.

Perform ‘Panchopachara Puja’ to Ganapathi Yantram and all other puja samagri (puja items or material).

Offer ‘Durva grass’ (Garika) while reading the below mantra for 108 times. Then chant this mantra for 11 Japamala times (11X108 times).


“Gam Ganapathaye Putra Varadaya Namaha”

The above Sadhana should be done for 10 days continuously without fail. The same procedure as said above should be followed on everyday.

After the completion of the Japam, the performer should wear the Japamala.

Laghu Narikela should be tied in a red cloth and donate it along with Dakshina in a temple.

Other puja samagri to be tied in a red cloth and leave it in a water stream or a flowing water body.

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