Sant Tukaram’s ecstasy in Songs

Sant Tukaram

Sant Tukaram

A devotee who has dedicated himself completely to God will not like to be distracted from the ecstasy of singing His glory and chanting. His names. Imbued as is with the firm faith that the Lord will take care of his way . If however, he is compelled by the pressure of circumstances to seek a job for fulfilling his family obligations, he will do so, but only to the extent absolutely necessary. His preference will be for a position that is not detrimental to his way of life as a Bhakta.

Thukaram was therefore supremely happy his crops from foraging birds without having to give up the singing of devotion hymns. He regarded it as an act of the Lord’s mercy.

In his discourse Sri Haridas said Thukaram’s Bhajan, instead of scaring the birds away, attracted them to the fields and he was struck by the salutary habit of the feathered creatures of not going in search of prey when they were not hungry. Of bundle of sugarcane sticks Thukaram received as part of his wages, only two were left on reaching home, as he gave them away to children of the village. To his annoyed wife, he said it was perhaps the Lord’s wish that they should not aspire for or acquire more than what absolutely needed.

Jealous of the growing popularity of Thukaram, a man of authority in the village insulted and even assualted him but he endured the humuliation, attributing it to his fate, asprobably, it was a penalty had to pay for seeking employment, thereby. Deviating from the service of God.

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