Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi, Alandi Warkari Yatra

Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi Yatra from Alandi is a great celebration which is a part of Pandharpur Ashadi Warkari Yatra. In 2018, Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi procession begins on July 6 from Alandi in Pune district of Maharashtra.

Lakhs of Warkaris carry the Dnyaneshwar Palkhi throughout the procession to Pandharpur Vithoba temple. This yatra ends on a day prior to Ashadhi Ekadasi. In 2018, Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi Yatra ends on July 22. Pandharpur Ashadhi Ekadasi date is July 23.

Both the Palkhis will camp in Pune for two days, and will leave the city on the next day morning.

Lakhs of devotees from different parts of the district and also from the state participate in the palkhi processions for the Ashadi Ekadashi festival in Pandharpur.

Detailed schedule and route map of Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi procession ..

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