Sankranti Rangoli Designs, Pongal Rangoli Patterns, Dots Muggulu

rangoli design 282

rangoli design 282

Makar Sankranti or Pongal is the season for Rangoli designs. Rangoli designs, also known as Kolam in Tamil, Muggu in Telugu, Kolam in Malayalam, Alpana in Bengali, are considered as a symbol to welcome prosperity or wealth into our house.

Women draw rangoli designs or patterns to welcome Sankranti Lakshmi or the crop they yielded during the rainy and winter seasons.

In Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, during Sankranti or Pongal season, women folk draw rangoli in front of their houses and decorate them with turmeric powder, kumkum, grass blades, flowers, sugarcane slices, gooseberries, and some types of grains.

Apart from mythological or spiritual significance, Rangoli designs also benefit humna beings. The raw material, rice flour or other flour, used in Rangoli designs effect the growth of some harmful insects. It also provides the food for some useful little insects and worms.

Here are some Rangoli designs or Muggulu contributed by Mrs. Soumya Rajesh Torthi from Bangalore:

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    I did not get what i wanted so please send me good design

  2. harshitha ab says:

    i saw your rangoli arts & liked it but we require easy to sketch & beautiful kolum rangoli.

  3. V Rao Muramalla says:

    Designs are good.. but we want know the making of design ie.,
    how many chukkalu… and the pattern.. i.e., continuous chukalu OR
    alternative chukkalu..

    Greatful if make me to get the chukkalu.. and the way of making..

  4. Dayamayi says:

    kollam with dots for panguni uthiram rangoli in tamil nadu homes

  5. Ishayu says:

    rangoli designs for competition with dots many dots

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    nice rangoli designs with some special effect video

  7. Siddhima says:

    dotted rangoli designs with the number of dots

  8. Dayanand says:

    simple rangoli designs with dots images of flowers

  9. Gajbaahu says:

    best rangoli designs for competition on new year

  10. gouri naidu says:

    very nice ,lotus and kalasam how mmany dots please