Makara Sankranti Muggulu, Pongal Rangoli Designs

muggu rangoli design 194

muggu rangoli design 194

Pongal is a season of Rangoli (Muggulu). Women enthusistically perform the Rangoli thing. Even they participate in Rangoli competitions.

Rangoli is known as Muggu in Telugu and Kolam in Tamil.

Makara Sankranthi 2021 dates – Bhogi, Sankranthi, Kanuma & Mukkanuma 2021 dates

Here are some Rangoli designs photos or images or pictures: few of these rangoli designs are sent by Mr Kranthi Kiran Pothnak from Hyderabad, who is one of the friends of mine.

Some other contributors of these Rangoli designs are – Rajesh Torthi and Soumya Torthi from Bangalore; Deepika Sanagala, Ramadevi Sanagala and Manasa Sanagala from Hyderabad and many others.

Some more Rangoli Designs / Patterns / Styles Click here for Kolam or Rangoli designs photos.

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  1. Sitha C says:

    Thanks a lot for the “Sankranthi Muggulu”.
    Very good collection.
    Listing number of dots for each muggu will be really helpful.
    Once again Thank you and Happy Sankranthi!

  2. SujathaBalachandar says:

    all designs are really good. i want some more creative designs which are apart from the regular ones which would help me to win in competitions

  3. Sailu says:

    Nice Rangoli designs but i want dots also

  4. priyanka says:

    good collection which helps others at the time of festivals

  5. Sruthi says:

    I want chukkala muggulu for at least 25 dots. I want to put chukkala muggulu for sankranthi festival in front of my house.

  6. Manidweepa says:

    Chukkala Muggulu are very famous rangoli designs drawn for sankranthi festival in Andhra Pradesh. I have no idea whether rangoli are drawn in Karnataka.

  7. krishnaveni says:

    Andhrajyothi Muggula Poti – Andhrajyothi, a daily newspaper in Telugu, Andhra Pradesh, is conducting Muggula poti (Rangoli designs competition) in all district head quarters and in Hyderabad for main competition.

  8. Rudrakali says:

    youtube rangoli without dots andra only line image

  9. Ashmita says:

    dotted rangoli designs with the number of dots

  10. Angha says:

    muggulu designs how to draw in ms paint

  11. Vasu Devan says:

    nee moham la unav e photo lo vere photo marchuko

  12. ppl says:

    Rogoli designes excellent