Sakat Chauth Festival, Magh Ganesh Utsav

Sakat Chauth (Magh Ganesh Utsav / Ganesh Jayanti festival) is observed on the fourth day in bright half of Magh month (Shukla Paksha Chaturthi in Magha month). In 2023, Sakat Chauth date is January 10. It is also celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganapathi. On this day, devotees observe vrata in the honor of Lord Ganesha to ensure wisdom, prosperity and happiness.

Sakat Chauth is observed by both men and women. After the Prathah kaal snana (early morning bath), devotees install a Kalasha and Ganesha idol and worship with Shodashopachar Puja (16 steps of Hindu Puja procedure). Small balls type of food items made with jaggery and sesame seeds (til) are offered as Naivedya to the Lord.

Moon God and his consort Rohini is worshipped and offered special Naivedya. Milk and Payasa (kheer) are the special naivedyams for Moon God. With the rising of moon, devotees break their fasting after seeing moonrise. Moon is also worshipped by offering water (Arghya).

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