Sagittarius Health Horoscope 2018 | Dhanu Rashi Health Predictions

The beginning of this year is going to be good for your health. However, there may be problem of gaining over weight so you need to be careful for what you eat. You need to pay attention on staying fit and fine. You need to avoid it.

Getting involved in regular exercise would be better for keeping your in good shape. Some of you people may avoid taking your food time due to the excess of work which won’t be good for your health. Due to this, you have to go through some uneasiness.

You may also have body pain along with some head-aches. You need not to take much stress, if you do not become able to do anything. You have to think positive, and you need to prepare yourself for doing that particular job again at right time. Thus, in this year, you need to be very careful for your diet.

You need take healthy food. Overeating and not taking food on time, both may troublesome for you. So, you have to be some serious about it. Finding time for yourself is very necessary as this will help you relax your body and brain.

{Moola Nakshatra – all 4 charans, Purvashada Nakshatram all 4 padas and Uttarashada 1st charan are categorized under Dhanu Rashi or Sagittarius zodiac sign. Those who born between November 23 and December 22 are the natives of Sagittarius Zodiac sign as per the date of birth. This system is used in Hindu astrology when you do not know the exact time or your birth star (Janma nakshatram).}

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In you sign, planet Pluto is present and it will remain here for some year. You need to be careful about your physical appearance, which is very linked with your diet. If you do not take healthy diet, it may affect your physical appearances.

This year, you may have excess of work, due to which you may become some stressful. You need to take it lightly. Try to finish pending work first and latter you need to think about the next project.

Venus is the planet that is looking after your health house. It is the planet which is linked with hips and kidneys. So, you need to take care of these body parts. You should take massage to keep thighs and hips.

The house of your health is not powerful so you need a source which can strengthen you. The positions of the Jupiter and Uranus indicate that you also need to be careful about your hearth. The positions of these planets show that sometimes you will feel very strong while some other time you may feel very week.

Uranus will also make your life somewhat instable as it is situated in your fourth house which is your house of family and home. Your state of mind will be affected, due to which you may have some negative effects on health.

During between May and June, the planet Venus will be retrograding state. At this time, you need to be very careful for your health. You should go through medical checkup so that you can you can deal with health problems if any. You also need to pay attention on the diet. You must take healthy diet at this time.

According to your health horoscope, September will be the time, when you will feel healthy, due to the position of the Jupiter planet. But, you should need to be careful at this time.

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