Sadya: The grand banquet of Keralites

In Malayalam language, Sadya means banquet. On a banana leaf, a traditionally vegetarian meal served is known as Sadya. It is a very typical feast of the Malayalees. It is to be noted that people sit cross-legged on the floor on a mat to have Sadya.

Even in the modern age, people doesn’t prefer to have Sadya on a dinning table, they always prefer to have it on the floor. The food is had with hands and without using any types of cutlery.

In a single course, nearly 24-28 dishes are served on a large banana leaf. The plain boiled rice is the main dish. It is served wholeheartedly with other dishes that are collectively known as Kootan.  These kootan’s are Sambar, parrippu, rasam, pulisseri, Kaalan, thoran, avail, olan, mango achar, pachadi, naraga curry with plantain chips, plain yogurt or buttermilk, banana and papadum.

The final attraction is nearly three or four type of payasam which is a traditional dessert. The payasam might be Palpayasam, pradhaman, semiyapayasam or addapradhaman.

It is to be noted that all the seasonal vegetables are used in the preparation of the variety of Kootan. Therefore the kootans give different flavors and taste. It is should be remembered that Sadya is prepared in large quantity in each and every household so that it can be served on the Onam day’s lunch as well as in the dinner. It is also shared among the neighbors, relatives and friends in the society.

The most important ingredient of all these dishes is coconut and coconut oil.

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