Sadesati for Kanya Rashi – dates, timings, effects

Sadesati for Kanya Rashi, effects, dates, timings of Sade Sati for Kanya Rashi (Virgo sign), what is the importance of Sade Sati for Kanya Rashi natives?

Sade Sati is a seven and half years dreaded period of Shani in a person’s life time. It is also known as Elinati Shani in Telugu and Ezharai Sani in Tamil.

Dhaiya Shani/ Kantaka Shani / Ashtama shani – Shani in Eighth House

3 June 2027 to 20 October 2027 & 23 February 2028 to 8 August 2029 and 5 October 2029 to 17 April 2030

Unexpected changes will come in Kanya Rashi natives during the Saturn transit through 8th house.

Take extra care while driving to avoid serious situations. Health-wise its a normal period.

Career-wise its a tough period. Sudden changes in profession / job may affect your mental health. Take extra care with investments during this period.

Sadesati’s First Dhaiya – Vyaya Shani/ Sadesathi / Elinati Shani

27 August 2036 to 22 October 2038 and 5 April 2039 to 13 July 2039

Saturn transit through 12th house makes the native indulge in wasting the time or in useless activities. During this period, the Kanya Rashi native may indulge in misusing time, financial loss, loss of good health, loss in businesses, disturbing his own family, etc.

If you have any enemies, its the time to accept your defeat.

Sadesati’s Second Dhaiya/ Janma shani

22 October 2038 – 5 April 2039 & 13 July 2039 to 28 January 2041 and 6 February 2041 to 26 September 2041

Saturn gives malefic results while transiting through the 1st house of Kanya Rashi natives. Be careful about consuming food. Food poisoning or food infection is on cards for the native. During this period, accident, distress in family life and distress in friends’ circle are also on cards.

Transfer in job, disrespect and overseas travel are also may happen. You may stay away from home for some time during this period.

Sadesati’s Third Dhaiya/ Dhana Shani

4 August 2012 to 2 November 2015 & 28 January 2041 to 6 February 2041& 26 September 2041 to 11 December 2043 and 23 June 2044 to 30 August 2044

Saturn transit through second house causes ailments, attack of different diseases, loss of money, delay in child birth, obstacles, insult and many other disgusting things.

Hurdles may stop the native from accomplishing the given task to him / her.

Dhaiya over Fourth House/ Ardhashtama shani

26 January 2017 to 21 June 2017 and 26 October 2017 to 24 January 2020

While Saturn transiting through fourth house, the native may stay away from the family mentally and physically. Differences with friends and lack of trust on them also cause the native to be away from his circle.

Problems related to vehicles are on cards. Trouble waters in fixed assets’ issues are also evident.

Professionally, its good period unless and until you feel your own work as a stressful activity.

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