Sadashiva | Lord Shiva in Absolute Form

Sada Shiva Maha Sadashiva

Sada Shiva Maha Sadashiva

Sadashiva is the supreme Lord of Shaivism. Sadashiva is the absolute, and he cannot be destroyed by anyone in this universe. Lord Sadashiva appears in the form of blessing posture, and he looks very handsome and contains a bright and charming face. Sadashiva contains five heads, with ten hands, and he is the supreme form of Lord Shiva.

The ancient sculptures of Sadashiva were found in the temples of India, and also in some Asian countries. Sadashiva can be spotted as a lingam in a temple at Allahabad. His five faces, denotes five essential elements in the universe, such as air, fire, sky, earth and water.

The idol of Sadashiva can be seen holding the divine weapons such as Trident and Axe, and his consort is Ma Manonmani, a form of Ma Shakti Devi, as mentioned in ancient texts. She used to sit in the lap of Sadasiva, by looking at him with her lovely smile. Sadasiva is the one who creates, protects and destroys the universe, and also he would give salvation to the blessed ones. Sadasiva is also called as Mahadeva, Sabapathi, Rudra, Maheswara, Rudra and Eshwara.

Sadasiva is also described as the supreme god who contains twenty-five heads with seventy-seven eyes and fifty arms.

Lord Shiva is worshipped by lot of saints, sages and by the divine demigods. He is worshipped even by the demons like Ravana and Vibhishana. His beauty cannot be defined fully by us. Though he used to wander in the burial grounds and in the mountains, his face glitters similar to million suns, and he contains a gigantic shape. He was always praised by the saints, sages and by the divine gods, and he never gets pride on him, and he always remains as a humble sage. His top and bottom of the body cannot be seen even by the divine personalities, since he is having the entire universe in his divine body.


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