Sri Sabhapati Swami

Sri Sabhapati Swami was born in the year 1840 in the present day Chennai. Sabhapati’s writings are available in various Indian languages and most of his texts are based onyoga, meditation and Shaivism.

After he finished his schooling in Chennai, he went to Burma and started doing textile business, along with his relative. At the age of twenty-nine, Rishi Agastya appeared before him, and asked him to go to the present day Velachery, in order to visit a Shiva Temple.

As per the instructions of the great sage, Sabhapati Swami went to the Shiva Temple and there he got the divine vision of Lord Shiva. Then again as per the orders of Rishi Agastya, he travelled to Nilagiri Mountain ranges, and there he met a few Siddhars, and he was blessed by them. After a long journey, Sri Sabhapati Swami then returned to Chennai with a spiritual thirst, and he began to write and publish various divine works, and apart from that, he also went on holy pilgrimages to Kedarnath, Muktinath, and Pasupatinath, and also he went to Pakistan and visited Katas Raj Shiva Temples. He published his works till the year 1915.

He attained Mahasamadhi in the year 1940 at “Pudhupatti” in Tamilnadu. A Samadhi shrine has been constructed for him by the village people, at the place where he attained Mahasamadhi. It is believed that those who sincerely worship him at his Samadhi Shrine would get proper solutions in their lives, and their prayers are getting answered.

Sri Sabhapati Swami’s works mainly focus on attaining salvation by sincerely worshiping Lord Shiva. He was an expert in Yoga and meditation, and taught it to the people. Sabhapati Swamy was also a great philanthropist. He spent most of his wealth towards providing annadanam to the Shivanadiyars, devotees of Lord Shiva, and treated them with great respect. Due to his good qualities, he was highly respected by the then kings, and by the great scholars.


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