Sabarimala Fasting | Scientific Significance of Sabarimala Ayyappa Deeksha

Black dress for Ayyappa devotees

Black dress for Ayyappa devotees

Devotees must observe a compulsory fast of 41 days, when they plan to visit the Sabarimala Temple, especially during Karthigai Month (Karthika Masam). Fasting observed before the visit of Ayyappa Temple at Sabarimala would purify our mind and body, and would help us to develop good habits in our life.The devotees who are interested in visiting the Sabarimala temple must wear the Tulasi garland, and must concentrate their entire attention on Lord Ayyappa.

Similar to visiting other temples, devotees cannot easily visit and worship Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala. Devotees must observe certain rules and regulations like, they should take bath twice a day, must observe cleanliness in their body as well as in their mind, they should not
commit sins during the 41 days period, must stop eating non vegetarian food items and must avoid garlic and onions in their food. Smoking and drinking is completely prohibited during the fasting period.

The devotees should sleep only on the floor, and they should not use bed for sleeping purpose. They should not use bad words, must avoid anger, lust, smoking, drinking and must maintain calm and patience. Sexual union with life partner must be completely avoided during these 41 days, since Lord Ayyappa is considered as a strict Brahmachari.

By adopting all these methods, scientifically as well as physically, the devotees are getting benefited by developing good habits, and improvement in their physical and mental health. Due to adopting all these strict measures, their mind and body would become calm, and their blood pressure levels also would become normal, and heart attack problems would not occur.
Since they are avoiding smoking and drinking, their health position also would improve. Once they practiced all these good things during the 41 days, then throughout their life time, they can continue doing like that.

Hence if we plan to visit the Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala, we would get good benefits spiritually as well as scientifically, since the great almighty would always make us only to move in the right direction of our life.


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