Sabarimala Ayyappa temple opens on 16 November 2010

The famous Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple will open on 16th November 2010 for the annual two-month Yatra (Mandala Puja and monthly puja). Temple committee of Sabarimala is expecting that 50 million Ayyappa devotees will visit the temple during 2010 – 2011 Ayyappa deeksha season. Indian Railways like Southern Railways and South Central Railways will be running special trains during the season to clear extra rush.

Tha Indian reports:

  • The health department has made arrangements for the devotees at the foothills and enroute to the temple top, including increasing the number of “oxygen parlours”. The Indian Railways has announced it will operate more coaches while the state state government will run more buses.
  • Earlier, the Devaswom (temple affairs) ministers and secretaries of south Indian states met to discuss arrangements for pilgrims coming from their states. Last year, a record 40 million devotees visited the temple. This year a 10 percent rise in the figure is expected, temple authorities said. More than 5,000 officials, including around 3,000 policemen, will be deployed in the temple town in Pathanamthitta district to oversee the daily administration of the festival season. Additional chief secretary and head of the Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) K. Jayakumar told IANS that all arrangements had been made for the new pilgrimage season.
  • Women who have attained puberty but not reached menopause are barred from entering the Hindu temple, dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. Sabarimala temple is situated in the Western Ghats, at an altitude of 914 meters above sea level. The temple is accessible only by foot from Pamba, the main halting point.
  • Though the temple is now open throughout the year, the peak pilgrimage season begins on the first day of the Malayalam month in November and closes on the first day of the Malayalam month in January. Some of the ardent devotees observe a 41-day penance before the pilgrimage during which they do not wear leather sandals, are attired in black dhoti and eat only vegetarian food.

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  1. manikanta says:

    Naveen, nice service you are providing to Hindus. Please give some more details about ayyappa deeksha niyamalu (rules) and puja vidhanam (puja procedure) in ayyappa deeksha.

  2. gopinath says:

    can u pls tell me how many days consists of one mandalam.some says it is 41 days some says it is 48 days,pls clarify me.

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      Actually Mandalam means 41 days but in some places, it is calculated as 48 days. It is even meritorious if you observe Mandalam deeksha for 48 days.

  3. Sutapa says:

    as per vedas how many days is one mandalam