Romasha | Daughter of Brihaspati

Romasha was a woman Rishi, who lived during the ancient Vedic period, and her rich contribution to the Vedas cannot be forgotten by the Hindus, and her writings were mentioned in the Rig Veda (1.126).

She also performed fire sacrifices, similar to ancient Vedic male sages, and gave a fresh life to the Vedic literature. She had worn the sacred thread similar to Hindu Brahmin Sages, by establishing that men and women are equal in all aspects. Though she was criticised by many learned scholars, she didn’t get upset, and continued the divine service till the end of her life.

Romasha is believed to be the daughter of Guru Brihaspati, and she is the wife of King Swanaya, who was well known for his generosity, kindness and affection with others. She contained very beautiful hair, and she didn’t wear any clothes, but covered her body only with full of hair. Her husband, King Swanaya had later become a famous rishi and lived a pious life along with his wife Romasha. The name of Ma Romasha is mentioned in various other texts of Hinduism also.

Romasha was a very pure and chaste woman who had shared her vast knowledge with the people. She is still remembered for her selfless nature, kind attitude and for her sincere devotion on Lord Shiva.


1. Spirituality is a vast ocean, and we should know to swim in that, in order to reach the place of the god.

2. Show your kindness on others. Respect all the people, and don’t get angry with them.

3. God’s creations are really wonderful. We should thank the god, for creating such a big universe, and for giving the daily bread to us.

4. Always speak with others gently. Don’t argue with foolish and bad natured people.

5. Always be in the company of wise men and women.

6. Realize that all of our belongings are owned by god only, and don’t pay too much attention on accumulating more and more wealth. With your surplus money try to feed the poor people, and raise their standard of living.

7. Don’t underestimate or overestimate yourself with others. Do your duty perfectly, and leave the rest, in the hands of the god.

8. The Judgement given by the god would always be perfect.

9. Keep chanting the “NAMAH SHIVAYA” mantra throughout your life.


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