Rishi Panchami Vrata, 10 September 2013



Today, 10 September 2013 is Rishi Panchami Vrata. It is observed on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha in Bhadrapada Month as per Hindu calendars.

Performing fast on Rushi Panchami cleanses all the sins committed by the performers of the vrata. Devotees eat only fruits that too once in the day on Rishi Panchami.

Rishi Panchami Vrat Katha

Rishi Panchami Vrat Katha (Rajasvala Vrata Katha of Rushi Panchami) is associated with the legend of Uttank and Sushila. Read the detailed Vrat Katha here..

Rishi Panchami Vrata Vidhi

On the day of Rishi Panchami, Devotees perform ritual bath in holy rivers or other water bodies. They clean their hands 108 times, the mouth 108 times. Read the detailed Vrata Vidhi here..

Significance of Rishi Panchami Vrata

What is the significance of Rishi Panchami Vrata? Rishi Panchami Mahatmya is mentioned in ‘Dharma Sindhu’, a standard Hindu Scripture for Vratas and Pujas. Read the detailed Rishi Panchami Mahatmya here..

Saptarishi Puja on Rishi Panchami

Why Saptarishis are worshipped on Rishi Panchami? What is the relation between Saptarishis and Rishi Panchami Vrata? Who are the Saptarishis, what are the names of Saptarishis? Read detailed Saptarishi Puja on Rishi Panchami..

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