Revati Nakshatram, Revati Birth Star Predictions

If you are born in Revati nakshatra, you are categorized under  Meena rashi (Moon sign – Pisces). The last constellation of all 27 Nakshatra is Revati. This is the Nakshatra where moon completes his cycle to enter on next one. Your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics…

Physical features:

You will have a charming face. Your sharp facial expressions make others to follow you. Most of you have well structured body.


You are a caring and loving person. You give great value to friends and for friendship. You are known for your caring attitude towards children and animals. You have a great affinity towards small animals.

You love to be social and you love society. You love fine arts and you are creative. You are a kind generous person in nature. You may face some problems in your early life, but that gives a stong will power to forgive others.

You may suffer from some diseases in your childhood. You are a mystic with faith in your beliefs and in the greatness of humanity. You trust God very much. You are independent and known for your ambitious thoughts.

Education and Profession:

As the natives of Revati nakshatra are good learners, most of you will complete your higher studies. You are an above average student with good abilities to analyze a topic.

As you are honest, you will become one of the favorite employees for your boss. As you are indepedent, you can start up a firm.

Careers Ideally Suited For You :

As you are a good learner you can opt a career in Legal Psychology and Psychiatry. Stock broking and business research are also good sectors for you to work.

Writing, editing and publishing are also suited for you. As you like to be social, Social work is also a good field to choose. As you have great analyzing skills, you can be a good professional in Advertizing area.

Family Life:

You enjoy your childhood but, some diseases may stop you. Then after, you will enjoy your life. You will get a caring and loving life partner. You will be blessed with good children.

Health Problems:

Some of you are prone to intestinal disorders. Kidney related diseases like Gout, Nephritis may trouble you. Ulcers and dental problems are noticed in revati nakshatra natives.

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