Ganda Moola 2022 dates, Timings | Ganda Moola Nakshatra | Dosha Nakshatrams

Ganda Moola Nakshatras 2022 dates, timings

Ganda Moola Nakshatra dates and timings of 2022 are given here. The Nakshatras ruled by Budha and Ketu are called Ganda Moola Nakshatras. Out of 27 Nakshatras, six Nakshatras are considered as Ganda Moola. Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyestha, Moola and Revati are called Ganda Moola nakshatras. According to astrologers, a child born in any of […]

Revati Nakshatra 2023-2024 Predictions | Revati Nakshatra Phalam

Revati Nakshatra 2023-2024 Predictions, how will be 2023-2024 for Revati nakshatra natives? Revati Nakshatra Phalam 2023-2024 is given here.. Revati Nakshatra is the Nakshatra of Budha Graham. It is ruled by Pushanudu. People who are born in this Nakshatra will have good memory and high concentration. You will be an expert in economic matters and […]

रेवती नक्षत्र फलम 2020-21 | रेवती नक्षत्र भविष्य 2020-2021

रेवती नक्षत्र सनातन ज्योतिष क्षेत्र की २७ नक्षत्र चक्र में सत्ताईसवाँ नक्षत्र है | नक्षत्र के अनुसार मीन राशि : पूर्व भाद्रपदा नक्षत्र का चौथा चरण; उत्तर भाद्रपदा नक्षत्र का चारो चरण; रेवती नक्षत्र का चारो चरण | रेवती नक्षत्र भविष्य अप्रैल 2020 बॉस के द्वारा आपको एक चेतावनी मिलने की आशंका है| आपको इस […]

Auspicious days for Revati Nakshatra natives in 2023

The list of auspicious days, dates, time for Revati nakshatra natives in 2023 is given here. Revathi is the last among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Astrology. Revati nakshatra natives can perform auspicious works such as starting new ventures, meeting clients for business, beginning new education, profitable journeys, buying vehicles, stock market transactions, etc on these […]

Hindu Baby Girl Names for Revathi Nakshatra

Hindu Baby Girl Names for Revathi Nakshatra are listed here. Revati Nakshatra is last Nakshatra in 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology. Letters for Revathi Nakshatra (Revati) – De, Do, Cha, Chi

Hindu Baby Boy Names for Revathi Nakshatra

Hindu Baby Boy Names for Revathi Nakshatra are listed here. Revati Nakshatra is last Nakshatra in 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology. Letters for Revathi Nakshatra (Revati) – De, Do, Cha, Chi. Chaanakya (9, Boy): Meaning of Chaanakya is A Great Scholar Chaaruchandra (13, Boy): Meaning of Chaaruchandra is Beautilful Moon Chaarudatt (10, Boy): Meaning of Chaarudatt is Born Of Beauty […]

Revati Nakshatra 2023 dates, Timings

Revati Nakshatra 2023 dates, Timings. The list of Revati Nakshatra in 2023 Hindu year… Revati nakshatram is the 27th / last and final among 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology. The dates of the nakshatra in 2023 are given here for those who born on Revati nakshatram. It is considered inauspicious to perform any shubh karya on […]

Child Birth in Revati Nakshatra

Child Birth in Revati. What is the effect of child birth in Child Birth in Revati? Is Revati Nakshatram good for child birth? The impact of baby birth on Revati Nakshatra’s 1st Pada (Quarter), 2nd Pada, 3rd Pada and 4th Pada?.. Here is the detailed analysis on the effects of Child birth in Revati Nakshatra…. The birth of […]

Revati Nakshatram, Revati Birth Star Predictions

If you are born in Revati nakshatra, you are categorized under  Meena rashi (Moon sign – Pisces). The last constellation of all 27 Nakshatra is Revati. This is the Nakshatra where moon completes his cycle to enter on next one. Your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics… Physical features: You will have a charming […]

Revati Nakshatra 2012, Revathi Nakshatram 2012 dates

Revathi Nakshatram is the 27th and the last star among 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology. It falls under Meena rasi (Pisces Moon sign). Revathi Nakshatra 2012 dates’ list is given here.. 2 January 2012, Monday 29 January 2012, Sunday 25 February 2012, Saturday 24 March 2012, Saturday 20 April 2012, Friday 17 May 2012, Thursday […]

Revati Nakshatra 2011 – Revathi Nakshatram 2011 dates

Revati Nakshatra is the last nakshatram among 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology. Here, the list of Revathi Nakshatra 2011 dates is given. . The dates are provided for Revati nakshatra natives because it is considered inauspicious to perform any good deed on their birth star (Janm nakshatra). Here is the list of the dates of […]

Meena Rashi 2011 – Meena Rasi or Pisces zodiac Astrology Predictions

Here are the Meena Rashi 2011 astrology predictions in English. Meena Rashi or Pisces zodiac sign is the last or 12th among the 12 Rasi kutas in Hindu Astrology. Meena Rasi consists of Purvabhadra Nakshatra 4th pada (charan), Uttarabhadra Nakshatram, and Revati Nakshatra. Here are some of the astrology predictions for natives of Meena Rashi […]