Revansiddha Temple, Renavi, Sangli, Maharashtra

Revansiddha Temple is located in Renavi, in Sangli district in Maharashtra, in western India. It is a holistic devine temple. It is a shrine that is dedicated to Lord Sri dev Revansiddhanath who is a nath panthiya yogi.

The architectural styles of this temple are Mandir architecture temple style. The important festival of this temple is Mahashivratri.

According to the historians and local legends, it was successfully built in the’ 16th century. it is to be noted that the shrine is three furlongs away from the village Renavi during the ancient period.

According to the local legends, Renavi is celebrated for an old temple dedicated to Revan Siddh, a saint of repute, said to have been under the special favour of Lord Sri Dattatraya and a great favourite of the Linguists, because Lord Sri dev Revansiddhanath met Sri Siddheshwar Maharaj, Main Saint of Lingayat at Gurubhet in Sholapur city & gave Diksha.

Western India pilgrimage trip includes this particular temple too in its list of must visit temple. Most of the pujas, rituals and homams are conducted according the Vedic tradition plus rules and regulations. It is an ancient Hindu temple that is largely dedicated to Lord Shiva.

It is to be highly noted that every year, more than a thousand devotees and pilgrims visit this particular shrine during all the auspicious days and religious important days. It is the most sought after temple in the district and western India. It is the most sought after temple in this region.

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