Remedies for Shani Amavasya | Pariharams for Sadesati, Ashtama Shani, Ardhashtama Shani, Shani Daiyya

An auspicious day for all those Hindu religious devotees who wish to have positive results from Saturn should do the following remedies on the day of Shanishchari Amavasya. It is to be noted that Lord Shani Dev gets wholeheartedly appeased easily by these rituals.  It is to be remembered that Lord Shani Dev directly inspires a person to successfully decrease their miseries and lead a prosperous life.

In order to ward off all types of malefic effects of Saturn, a person should perform with dedication and committed the following remedies:

With two and half a kilos of jaggery, heat one litre of mustard oil. When the oil starts boiling, remove it from the stove and allow it to cool down. Then look inside it to see your reflection in it. Later take two fifty grams black sesame seeds in your hand and rotate the seeds around your head for seven times and drop it into this concoction. Mix the three ingredients well and place this mixture in dough in order to make roti. Personally feed a black cow or a black dog to eat.

On Shanishchari Amavasya day, make poori in the oil of Sesame seeds. Later use the left out Sesame seeds oil for cooking bringal vegetable. Make a sandwich with poori and cooked bringal curry.  Personally distribute the food item to seven beggars at least for next eleven Amavasya days. It is to be observed that you can personally feel the difference in life after performing these particular remedies.

Interesting facts regarding Amavasya

  • A New moon’s Indian name is Amavasya according to the Hindu traditional calendar.
  • In several Indian regional languages especially Hindi, Sanskrit, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, Marathi, Konkani, Telugu, Oriya, Gujarathi and Tamil use the common word Amavasya.
  • The day is passed in fasting in most of the Hindu households.
  • Tamil religious scholars, pundits and local legends use the Tamil word “PuthuppiRai” for Amavasya.
  • It is strong believed that Amavasya ensure Progeny and ward off widow-hood in women.
  • In some regions of India, even traditional workers such as masons don’t work on the day of Amavasya. They are ready to work on Saturday and Sunday to compensate the leave.
  • During the ancient and medieval times, Amavasya was a monthly off day.
  • In the afternoon at home, the Amavasya functions are held in a grand manner.
  • During the 18th century in India, even High Court judges used to largely observe Amavasya as off day in the monthly offs. It was British who implemented Sunday as off day later.
  • Nowadays, Amavasyas Shraadh ceremony is done in a short 20 minute version in order to suit the present hectic lifestyle.
  • It is believed that those who don’t perform Amavasyas Shraadh may get children with mental challenges or physical defects.
  • According to the Hindu religious scholars, pundits and local legends the Amavasya day time is divided in to five equal parts as Praatha – 06:00 to 08:24, Sanghava – 08:25 to 10:48, Maadhyaanha – 10:49 to 13:12, Aparaanha – 13:13 to 15:36 and Saayankaal – 15:37 to 18:00.
  • The Amavasyas Shraadh should be done in the wrong time as it may give side effect in the short or long run.

On Shanishchari Amavasya, those who are suffering from certain doshams can donate items such as black shoes, black umbrella, black cloth, black blanket, articles made of leather, iron things, black sesame seeds, whole black urad dal, oil, etc

In order to appease Lord Shani dev, chant ‘om shan shaneshcharaye Namah’ as many time as you can during the day time during your prayer time and ideal time.

Personally pour boiled milk on Amavasya day in the root of banyan tree. Later make 108 times around the tree. Take the fully wet clay formed at the spot of the root of banyan tree and apply it as tilak on forehead. Then pray to Lord Shani Dev in order to cast away all those personal and professional miseries in your life.

Personally feed the crows with cooked bade from Urad dal.

On Amavasya day, near Peepal tree light a mustard oil lamp and take water, bade made of urad dal and black thread. Later pour the water on the roots of the peepal tree and take 108 rounds around it. You can feel the miseries in life vanishing one after the other in personal and professional life.

A person who is largely affected by Saturn should consult a Hindu religious scholar, pundit, acharya or elders regarding the various other methods for reducing the miseries in personal and professional life. They can properly guide you with their experience in life so that you can lead a better life. It is highly advised to perform all types of remedies for better outcome.

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