Relation of Quantum Physics and Spirituality

Please tell me about the fifth to thirteenth dimension, and the relation of quantum physics and spirituality? To this query from a devotee in his Satsang, Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living explaining in his own words…

Vedanta is pure Quantum Physics. What Vedanta says, or the knowledge from the Vedas say is, the entire creation is made up of only one thing, there is no two. And that is exactly what Quantum Physics says, everything is a wave function. Thus, what appears to be different, it only appears to be different, but in reality, it is all only one.

One of the top physicists of the world today spoke at the Bangalore ashram. He said, ‘I studied matter for 40 years, only to discover that it does not exist. It is not there!’ He used to say, ‘When I speak, people think I am speaking some ancient philosophy, which is correct, because all this is nothing! This is what spiritual knowledge says, that everything is nothing, and nothing is everything.’

Your meditation is an appointment with nothing!

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