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Sant Ravidas

Sant Ravidas

The Ravidassia sect, also called as Ravidas Panth, is a famous religious sect, which was founded in the 14th-century. This sect was founded on the basis of the valuable teachings of the Holy Guru Sri Ravidas, and he is considered to be an amsha of Lord Surya Bhagavan.

The Ravidassias consider Ravidas as a holy Guru, and they willfully follows and spread his teachings. Some people belonging to Sikh religion also consider him as their holy Guru, similar to their great Guru, Sri Guru Nanak.

Ravidas lived during the 14th century and he was born in a low class community, in Varanasi. Though he was born in a lower class family, he shined like a glittering sun during the time of his birth itself, and an astrologer had predicted that the child would become a famous saint. Ravidas lived for more than 100 years, and he died in Benares.

Some of the notable teachings of Sri Ravidas are as follows:

1. The almighty is omnipresent and he only created the entire universe.

2. God dwells in the soul of all the human beings.

3. God treats everyone as alike, and he didn’t find any partiality between his devotees.

4. Mankind should concentrate their attention on God in order attain goodness in their lives.

5. Keep your mind free, and remove the garbage from your mind.

6. Consider everyone as the forms of the god.

7. Don’t show enmity with anyone in the world.

8. Have confidence in your mind and believe that you can even keep the world on your shoulders through the grace of the god.

9. Help others.

A separate shrine for Guru Ravidas is situated in Tughlakabad, New Delhi – 110044. The followers of Ravidas used to worship him in his temple, especially on Sundays, and on other auspicious festival days like Deepavali, Makara Sankranthi and Navaratri days.

Before entering into the holy shrine of Guru Ravidas, the devotees must cover their heads with a cloth, and must remove their shoes/slippers, in order to show their great respect to the divine guru.

Free food with Chapatis, are provided to the devotees inside the temple shrine.

The followers of Ravidas would regularly read their holy book, the Guru Ravidas AmritBani, which is similar to the Bhagavat Gita.

Daily Deeparadhana would be shown to Guru Ravidas at his temple, and some songs in praise of him would also sung by his followers and devotees.

Let us worship the holy Guru and be blessed.


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